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Ophiopogon is an evergreen perennial plant that is native to Japan. Its tuber and roots, which resemble asparagus roots, are the commonly used parts in herbal medicine. Likewise, an article posted on the Home Remedies for You website notes that ophiopogon contains essentially similar health benefits as those of asparagus. The plant comes in many other names including mondo grass, monkey grass, and Aztec grass.

List of known nutrients

According to the Herbpathy website, ophiopogon contains the following constituents:

  • Amino Acids
  • Beta-sitosterols
  • Copper
  • Flavonoids
  • Glucosides
  • Homoisoflavonoids
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Ruscogenin
  • Saponins
  • Steroids
  • Stigmasterol
  • Zinc

Medicinal uses for ophiopogon

Ophiopogon is particularly beneficial to both the heart and lungs. The plant contains cooling properties that help relieve irritated and dried lungs in people with upper respiratory infections and those who smoke. This makes ophiopogon an ideal go-to food to treat people exposed to smoke, heat, and other conditions that dry the lungs.

Likewise, the herb inhibits the accumulation of phlegm in the nasal passages and mitigates sputum proliferation in the throat. The plant is highly effective in addressing dry cough, chronic pharyngitis, pediatric cough, and persistent pneumonia in children especially when in combination with mulberry leaves.

People with throat issues may greatly benefit from consuming ophiopogon. The herb works best for public speakers, singers, or anyone who uses their vocal chords extensively as it is found to soothe and moisten the vocal chords. The plant is shown to relieve hoarseness and sore throat and improve vocal quality.

According to a Chinese Herbs Healing article, ophiopogon helps improve coronary blood flow and mitigate abnormal heart rhythm. The plant is also touted to protect the heart from suffering myocardial ischema. The herb may be used to prevent shock, improve left ventricular function and promote myocardial contractility as well. Ophiopogon is commonly incorporated with various herbs to make a tonic that lowers blood pressure and revitalizes the pulse.

The plant is also known for its beneficial effects on the digestive system. The herb is known to increase fluid production to nourish the stomach and the spleen. Likewise, ophiopogon is found to moisten the mouth, tongue. and the intestines. Ophiopogon is notably effective in relieving constipation too. Besides this, the plant boasts with water and alcohol extracts that possess hypoglycemic properties. This means that the herb has the potential to address diabetes, an Ask Dr. Mao article says.

In addition, ophiopogon is valued for its strong constituents that boost the body’s overall immunity. The plant contains strong antibacterial properties that fend off various pathogens such as Escherichia coli. The herb is also known to promote the phagocytosis of reticuloendothelial system, improve white blood cell count, and enhance the immune function.

Moreover, ophiopogon is remarkably effective in alleviating a plethora of mental conditions. The herb is found to address insomnia, anxiety, and dreaminess as well as vexation and forgetfulness. The plant may relieve both back and leg pain as well.

Body systems supported by ophiopogon

Ophiopogon is particularly beneficial to both the heart and the respiratory tract. The plant is helpful in maintaining a healthy digestive profile as well. Likewise, the herb’s strong antibacterial properties fortify the body’s overall immunity. Ophiopogon is also touted for its positive effects on the vocal chords and the central nervous system. The herb relieves chronic pain in the back and the legs too.

Ways to use ophiopogon

Ophiopogon can be consumed raw to speed up healing after a surgery. Likewise, the herb can be combined with other medicinal plants such as ginseng and schizandra fruit to make a revitalizing tonic that increases energy and restores the pulse.

Where to learn more


Ophiopogon prevents various cardiovascular diseases and respiratory infections.

Ophiopogon mitigates the risk of diabetes and other digestive system diseases.

Ophiopogon relieves voice problems, chronic pain, and mental conditions.

Ophiopogon supports both the respiratory tract and the cardiovascular system.

Ophiopogon improves overall immunity and maintains a healthy digestive profile.

Ophiopogon takes care of the vocal chords and the central nervous system.

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