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Colloidal gold sources, health benefits and uses

Friday, November 17, 2017 by

Colloidal gold is a fluid consisting of tiny gold particles that have been suspended in a solution, typically water. Depending on the size of the particles, colloidal gold can either appear as an intense red (for particles smaller than 100 nanometers) or purple (for particles larger than that number).

Though similar to colloidal silver, colloidal gold is more of an anti-inflammatory agent than an antiseptic. The purported health benefits of this tasteless fluid have made it popular in certain circles of holistic health practitioners.

Medicinal uses for colloidal gold

Because of its alleged anti-inflammatory properties, colloidal gold has been used to help some patients with their rheumatoid arthritis. For this, colloidal gold is injected into the joints of the affected person. Consumption of colloidal gold has been reported to yield similar results, as has the application of a cream formula made with this substance.

Topical use of colloidal gold has been linked to improved skin appearance and positive effects on such skin conditions as eczema and fungal infections.

Colloidal gold is said to help boost mood. By inducing a feeling of calm, colloidal gold can provide relief from stress and anxiety.

While largely believed to be highly beneficial, colloidal gold has a number of side effects. Some people are allergic to gold, and may experience allergic reactions like itching and redness after using or ingesting colloidal gold.

Body systems supported by colloidal gold

The digestive system can benefit from orally taking colloidal gold, as it’s reputed to assist in the body’s elimination of toxic waste materials.

Colloidal gold can be good for the skin and the mind too.

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Colloidal gold can be good for the body thanks to its ability to reduce inflammation and help the body rid itself of toxic waste materials. It can be used as a remedy for rheumatoid arthritis and such skin conditions as eczema and even fungal infections. Colloidal gold is said to enhance one’s mood as well.

Some people are allergic to gold, however, and can experience redness, itching, and other similar symptoms of allergic reactions after applying or ingesting colloidal gold.

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