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11/07/2017 / By Jhoanna Robinson

Evening primrose is an edible flowering plant that was given this name because its flowers tend to open its buds

11/07/2017 / By Jhoanna Robinson

Malt extract comes in both liquid form for the purist and a dry form for the practical. Both are manufactured

11/04/2017 / By Jhoanna Robinson

Eggs have three distinct sections – the yolk, the shell, and the white. When you open a raw egg, the

10/25/2017 / By Jhoanna Robinson

Gellan is a natural polysaccharide that is manufactured by the bacterium Pseudomonas elodea from starch. It is a kind of

10/17/2017 / By Jhoanna Robinson

Barley flour, a type of flour that came from dried and ground barley, contains gluten. It finds its popularity in

10/17/2017 / By Jhoanna Robinson

Beeswax is often confused with bee pollen and honey – they are very similar structurally and are all produced by

10/13/2017 / By Jhoanna Robinson

Asafoetida, which has the scientific name Ferula assa-foetida, is a pungent spice that is utilized in cooking, particularly in Indian

10/03/2017 / By Rhonda Johansson

Once, a man’s wealth and level of influence were measured by how many peppercorns he had. This sounds silly now,

09/26/2017 / By Jhoanna Robinson

It has the texture of a grape, its skin feels like the reptilian scales of a dinosaur, and it oozes

09/23/2017 / By Earl Garcia

Leucaena, also known as lead tree, is a species of flowering plants native to the Americas ranging from the United

09/19/2017 / By Jhoanna Robinson

Galactose is an aldohexose that is naturally-occurring in the D-form in lactose, gangliosides, cerebrosides, and mucoproteins. It is known by

09/12/2017 / By Jhoanna Robinson

Black nightshade, which has the scientific name Solanum nigrum and which belongs to the family Solanaceae, is a perennial plant

09/12/2017 / By Rhonda Johansson

Alcoholics should remember this root. Kudzu (Pueraria lobata) is a climbing vine that is considered as one of the top

09/12/2017 / By Jhoanna Robinson

Sunflowers are hardy plants; meaning, they can survive freezing. They are also perennials. The really tall varieties of this plant