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"Combine the powders of the following: 6 parts gentian root 6 parts goldenseal 4 parts echinacea root 4 parts calamus root 2 parts myrrh 2 parts dandelion root 2 parts centaury root 2 parts wormwood 2 parts anise seed 1 part ginger root 1 part licorice root Then add four ounces of powdered preparations of these herbs (which can be found in any health food store, or by consulting a herbalists guide or catalog) with a quart of vodka (yes, vodka) in a covered container. Allow this to steep for two weeks before straining for use. Alcohol is a long-standing base ingredient for herbal preparations."
- American Medical Publishing, Proven Health Tips Encyclopedia (Get the book.)

"The ingredients in the Adrenal Boost formula are vitamin C, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, deglycerized licorice root, Mexican wild yam root, schizandra berry, Eleutherococcus senticosus root, stinging nettle leaf, trimethylglycine, special plant cellulose, natural silica, vegetable stearate, and magnesium stearate. I recommend that people dealing with chronic (long-term) stress take one capsule every morning and every night if they need it. You should not take Adrenal Boost, however, if you have high blood pressure, because licorice root can elevate blood pressure."
- C. W. Randolph, M.D., From Belly Fat to Belly FLAT: How Your Hormones Are Adding Inches to Your Waistline and Subtracting Years from Your Life (Get the book.)

"According to Robbins, who cites a study by Tori Hudson ef al, 'A pilot study using botanical medicines in the treatment of menopause symptoms',9 the herbs liquorice root, burdock root, wild yam root, dong quai root and motherwort, taken in a single capsule against a placebo, reduced the severity of menopausal symptoms in 100 per cent of the participants. Only 6 per cent of the placebo-takers noted a reduction in symptoms."
- Martin J. Walker, HRT Licensed to Kill and Maim: The Unheard Voices of Women Damaged by Hormone Replacement Therapy (Get the book.)

"The word tocopherol means "to bear offspring" and derives from the Greek root phew, which means "to bring forth," and the Greek root tos, which means "childbirth." Tocopherols are a family of eight fat-soluble alcohols. The final "ol" in the name tocopherol indicates that it is an alcohol. The Forms of Vitamin E The tocopherols are divided into four types: alpha-tocopherol, beta-tocopherol, gamma-tocopherol, and delta-tocopherol, as shown in Figure 5-1. Also in the vitamin E family are the very similar tocotrienols."
- Dr. Steve Blake, Vitamins and Minerals Demystified (Get the book.)

"Try herbal detoxification teas containing mixtures of burdock root, dandelion root, ginger root, licorice root, sarsaparilla root, cardamom seed, cinnamon bark, and other herbs. 3. Repair the Rust: Oil the Oxidative Stress System Antioxidant Foods Among the many classifications of food is a new one—ORAC, or oxygen radical absorbence capacity, a measurement of the ability of a food to mop up free radicals. To measure ORAC, scientists put a person's blood in a test tube, add some toxins, and measure how well it takes care of the damage—the higher the ORAC score, the better."
- Mark Hyman, M.D., Ultraprevention : The 6-Week Plan That Will Make You Healthy for Life (Get the book.)

"Once the vegetables are tender, stir in the grated ginger root and hot sauce. Before serving, sprinkle with lemon juice. Put on a plate and top with toasted sesame seeds. Makes 6 servings. NUTRITION FACTS Amount Per Serving: Calories 60 - Calories from Fat 45 - Total Fat 5 g - Saturated Fat 0.5 g - Cholesterol 0 mg - Sodium 20 mg - Total Carbohydrate 4 g - Dietary Fiber 1 g Sugars 2 g - Protein 1 g - Calcium 4% DV Baked Rutabaga Note: The rutabaga is a root vegetable that looks very much like a turnip with yellow-orange flesh and ridges at its neck."
- C. W. Randolph, M.D., From Belly Fat to Belly FLAT: How Your Hormones Are Adding Inches to Your Waistline and Subtracting Years from Your Life (Get the book.)

"Or perhaps more accurately, it's our perception of those patterns as negative that can become the root of life's greatest suffering. Almost universally, the experiences that cause people to feel stuck have roots in what are considered negative beliefs that we acquire early in life. And it's precisely because they're subconscious that it's often difficult for us to see them in ourselves."
- Gregg Braden, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief: Shattering the Paradigm of False Limits (Get the book.)

"When stress or overuse cause a flare-up, the 46-year-old Hopewell, New Jersey, resident heads straight to one of nature's strongest medicinal herbs—valerian root. "Taking valerian root is a lot like taking a sedative," she says. "It's very, very relaxing." Claudia says she takes valerian root two ways: in capsules and brewed in hot water to make a tea, which she sweetens with honey. She purchases both forms of the root at a local health-food store. Within 15 minutes of taking valerian root, she says her pain is gone. The pain stays away for at least two hours afterward, she says."
- Gale Maleskey, Brian Kaufman, Home Remedies: What Works: Thousands of Americans Reveal Their Favorite Home-Tested Cures for Everyday Health Problems (Get the book.)

"Farmers call it pod rot or root rot, as it commonly attacks the pods and roots, stunting growth and eventually consuming the plant. No one would object to a means of controlling this garden menace. Barry set up a batch of experimental petri dishes and matched them with a set of controls of the identical type of fungus growing in the same conditions. He enlisted ten volunteers and assigned five experimental petri dishes and five controls to each person. At the appointed time, each volunteer was asked to send intentions to slow the growth of the fungi in the experimental petri dishes."
- Lynne McTaggart, The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World (Get the book.)

"Also, easy access to the major nutrients means that industrial crops develop smaller and shallower root systems than organically grown plants; deeply rooted plants have access to more soil minerals. Biological activity in the soil almost certainly plays a role as well; the slow decomposition of organic matter releases a wide range of plant nutrients, possibly including compounds science hasn't yet identified as important."
- Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto (Get the book.)

"By the way, chicory root is the root of the Belgian endive plant. FOS is thought to be one of the best prebiotics. This is because other prebiotics (inulin and other oligosaccharides such as oligofructose) have to be converted by the human body before they can be used by the probiotics. FOS does not need to be converted. Prebiotics requiring metabolism are considered to be less effective than FOS. FOS is ready to offer its healthy benefits the instant it is consumed. How do prebiotics work? In essence, the fundamental concept is the same for prebiotics as for probiotics."
- Allison Tannis, Probiotic Rescue: How You can use Probiotics to Fight Cholesterol, Cancer, Superbugs, Digestive Complaints and More (Get the book.)

"Haney and Kutscheid (1975) found that male plants had much weaker root systems than female plants which accounted for the early mortality of male plants. Berger (1969) stated that root development was widely variable depending upon soil type. The development of a strong taproot was possible in deep soils, but in soil conditions which were unfavorable a more shallow system of lateral roots prevailed (Berger, 1969). Berger adds, "Although this root system is in itself strong, it must be regarded as relatively weak in comparison with the extent and speed of growth of the hemp plant above ground."
- Ed Rosenthal, Hemp Today
(Get the book.)

"In addition to chronic infections and imflammation, an important root cause of some of these digestive problems is the failure of the pancreas to produce enough digestive enzymes. A related cause is the lack of the ancillary chemicals, or coenzymes, that allow digestive enzymes to function properly. Among autistic kids, the most frequent enzyme problems are: Deficiency of the DPP4 enzyme, which breaks down gluten and casein. • Deficiency of lipase enzymes, which break down fat. Deficiency of sugar-digesting enzymes, which break down complex dietary sugars."
- Kenneth Bock, Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies: The Groundbreaking Program for the 4-A Disorders (Get the book.)

"I believe in finding root causes. A good diagnostician is a good detective. So I started Kyle's treatment by giving him a battery of basic tests-of his blood, urine, and stool. I monitored his liver enzymes, nutrient levels, detoxification ability, and gastrointestinal function. In medical jargon, I was looking for elements of co-morbidity-problems that existed at the same time as his autism, without necessarily being related to it. Autistic kids tend to have a number of co-morbidities."

- Kenneth Bock, Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies: The Groundbreaking Program for the 4-A Disorders (Get the book.)

"But these treatments, though effective and useful temporarily, are not treating the root cause, low estradiol. Such treatments do not actually increase your serotonin stores, they simply block the breakdown of serotonin in your body, so your body experiences higher serotonin levels. Over time, deficiency of serotonin and other neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, may occur, leading to more depression and a lower sex drive. In addition, antidepressants will not protect you from what is happening to your bones, lipids, and blood vessels as a result of low estradiol."
- Phuli Cohan, The Natural Hormone Makeover: 10 Steps to Rejuvenate Your Health and Rediscover Your Inner Glow (Get the book.)

"That is why it's so important to try to repair their root cause: an overactive immune system. As long as the immune system is too touchy from being Th-2 skewed, anything can happen. Aniyka's allergies, similar to Priya's, were also persisting, despite everyone's best efforts to help. Then another crisis hit. Aniyka developed an infection, and Anju had Aniyka's blood sugar checked. It was four times too high. Aniyka had juvenile-onset diabetes, at age eight. Anju was shocked. As she researched diabetes, though, her shock congealed into anger."
- Kenneth Bock, Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies: The Groundbreaking Program for the 4-A Disorders (Get the book.)

"That's the root question. Once you understand why you interrupt your negative feelings rather than let them flow to their natural outcome, you can make a rational decision about whether it makes more sense to deal with those feelings or to eat. Right now, it's automatic; you don't really have a choice to make. No one likes feeling angry, lonely, bored, or sad. But most emotional eaters have more than a simple dislike of these feelings, they have an allergic reaction to them. In fact, I believe that most emotional eaters have what I call a "feeling phobia."
- Roger Gould, Shrink Yourself: Break Free from Emotional Eating Forever (Get the book.)

"The story about her first years was obviously told to her and helps her explain what she's now remembering and feeling, but even without that history, we could read in her current behavior that she has a level of expectancy and fear of abandonment that hasn't evolved over the years, and is the root cause of her unrelenting hunger."

- Roger Gould, Shrink Yourself: Break Free from Emotional Eating Forever (Get the book.)

"The anti-infective measures also include local treatment of infected sites with antiseptics and instruments to disinfect pockets and root surfaces, and careful training of patients in effective self-care. To find a dentist near you who uses this method, visit the Web site of the International Dental Health Foundation ( or When you call, be sure to confirm that the dentist uses nonsurgical anti-infective periodontal therapy. Finally, don't forget our heart-friendly supplement CoQIO. It is also excellent for combating gum disease."
- Stephen Sinatra, M.D. and James C., M.D. Roberts, Reverse Heart Disease Now: Stop Deadly Cardiovascular Plaque Before It's Too Late (Get the book.)

"Prebiotics include inulin, which is in onions, chichory root and dandelions; oligosaccharides, which is in artichokes, leeks and asparagus; beta-glucan, which is in seaweed, oats and barley; pectin, which is in apples and apricots and resistant starch, which is in raw bananas, potatoes and beans. Prebiotics are present in our daily diets; however, in very low amounts in the Western diet. See Chapter 5 for more on prebiotics. do you need to host over 400 different species of microbes in your intestines?"
- Allison Tannis, Probiotic Rescue: How You can use Probiotics to Fight Cholesterol, Cancer, Superbugs, Digestive Complaints and More (Get the book.)

"Silent inflammation is the root cause of CVD. Although there are many sophisticated blood tests to detect toxic blood substances, those tests are often not covered by health insurance. For example, Lp(a) is one of the most virulent cardiovascular risk factors, but some insurance companies refuse to cover the cost of this test. This is especially infuriating because today's technology provides cardiologists with tests to make highly accurate predictions and follow up with specifically targeted treatment."
- Stephen Sinatra, M.D. and James C., M.D. Roberts, Reverse Heart Disease Now: Stop Deadly Cardiovascular Plaque Before It's Too Late (Get the book.)

"Inulin is found in onions, chichory root and dandelions; oligosaccharides are found in artichokes, leeks and asparagus; beta-glucan is found in seaweed, oats and barley; pectin is found in apples and apricots; and resistant starch is found in raw bananas, potatoes and beans. Research has shown that eating prebiotics can improve the growth of lactic bacteria in your intestines, especially Bifidobacteria. Prebiotics also help to inhibit the growth of a variety of undersirable microorganisms."
- Allison Tannis, Probiotic Rescue: How You can use Probiotics to Fight Cholesterol, Cancer, Superbugs, Digestive Complaints and More (Get the book.)

"Until we definitively understand the root cause of precocious puberty, we must, as always, try to protect our kids from dangerous chemical exposures. Keep your kids away from chemical personal-care products and make sure they're eating right and getting enough exercise. Toxic Temptations As your kids grow more independent and drift into the "real world," they'll face a lot of the same dilemmas that you did years earlier. Help them make the most of their new autonomy."
- Deirdre Imus, Growing Up Green: Baby and Child Care: Volume 2 in the Bestselling Green This! Series (Green This!) (Get the book.)

"The study's investigators concluded that the chemical makeup of the berries differs from that of the root, yet the berries were very effective in treating diabetes. The recommended dose is 200 mg daily of ginseng extract standardized to 4 percent ginsenosides. In sensitive individuals, the most common side effects are excitability and nervousness, which usually decrease after the first few days. Children and pregnant or nursing women should not take ginseng without their doctor's knowledge, because it has estrogen-like effects."
- Steven V. Joyal, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Diabetes: An Innovative Program to Prevent, Treat, and Beat This Controllable Disease (Get the book.)

"It might have germinated in childhood and taken root so quietly that you don't have any memory of actually deciding that being fat had its advantages. And you probably didn't actually make a conscious decision, although a few of my patients who were abused in childhood do remember exactly when they did make a deliberate decision to be fat in order to be unattractive. I'm not making this up. I've seen repeatedly with thousands of patients and online clients how the rebellious self lures dieters back to fat over and over again with intimations of safety and rest."
- Roger Gould, Shrink Yourself: Break Free from Emotional Eating Forever (Get the book.)

"An individual with advanced gum infection needs to see a clinician who can disinfect the root surfaces and deep pockets and also provide guidance on anti-infective self-care. Many general dentists refer such patients to a periodontist, a specialist trained to treat gum disease by scaling bacterial biofilms (plaque) and calcified remains (tartar) and surgically removing infected pockets."
- Stephen Sinatra, M.D. and James C., M.D. Roberts, Reverse Heart Disease Now: Stop Deadly Cardiovascular Plaque Before It's Too Late (Get the book.)

"These factors cause inflammation—the root cause of heart disease. Our program aims to keep inflammation at bay. Bringing Down Insulin Levels We've spoken often about the dangers of elevated insulin and insulin resistance. Doctors use either a fasting plasma glucose test or an oral glucose tolerance test to detect insulin resistance. Both require that you fast overnight. If you have an insulin level higher than 17 u/L, you need to take action. Fortunately, some of our favorite supplements, as mentioned in the interventions table on p. 214, help restore normal insulin function."

- Stephen Sinatra, M.D. and James C., M.D. Roberts, Reverse Heart Disease Now: Stop Deadly Cardiovascular Plaque Before It's Too Late (Get the book.)

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