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"Placebo lozenge groups: All placebo patients obtained results within a very narrow range, showing very little, if any, increase in either serotonin or dopamine. 2. Active ingredients lozenge group: On average showed an 819 percent rise in serotonin and 425 percent rise in dopamine levels. Both serotonin and dopamine increased simultaneously. 3. Although there appears to be some difference based on gender, both men and women had an overwhelming increase in both serotonin and dopamine, as compared to their baseline levels. figure a."
- Cheryle Hart, M.D., and Mary Kay Grossman, RD, The Feel-Good Diet (Get the book.)

"Results of WHI: The Ugly A 41%o increase in stroke and a remarkable 2,100%) increase in pulmonary embolism (i.e., lung blood clots) was found in the treated (i.e., Prempro? group. In addition the Prempro?group had a 26% increased risk of breast cancer. The Implications of WHI The WHI was supposed to be an 8.5-year study. However, the research was stopped early, at 5.2 years, when the authors of the study realized that the risks of conventional hormone replacement therapy outweighed the benefits. The results of the WHI made national headlines."
- David Brownstein M.D., Drugs That Don't Work and Natural Therapies That Do (Get the book.)

"Since it has been scientifically determined that these lozenges increase serotonin and dopamine—two important neurotransmitters—it was hypothesized that the use of this product would also alleviate the symptoms of deficiencies when the participants increased their internal production of serotonin and dopamine. Study Methodology Sixteen women participants who were not patients of Dr. Hart were randomly divided into two equal groups—active and placebo."
- Cheryle Hart, M.D., and Mary Kay Grossman, RD, The Feel-Good Diet (Get the book.)

"Researchers have shown that greater happiness is directly related to an increase in the number and diversity of pleasurable events we engage in daily. Intuitively, it makes sense that the things that uplift and stimulate us emotionally do the same for our bodies. An impressive longitudinal study of 20,000 adults showed that doing what we love increases our satisfaction levels, which correlates strongly with greater longevity. Just prior to his hundredth birthday, the comedian George Burns was asked the secret to his long life. He replied, "I've spent almost a century doing what I love best."
- Rick Foster, Greg Hicks, M.D., Jen Seda, Choosing Brilliant Health: 9 Choices That Redefine What It Takes to Create Lifelong Vitality and Well-Being (Get the book.)

"Most schools increase academic demands and give kids more responsibility for keeping track of schoolwork. Social and athletic demands increase, too. Some kids fall apart at this stage, with full-blown symptoms of ADD/ADHD erupting, as if overnight. If I were your child's pediatrician and I resisted the diagnosis of ADD/ADHD up to this point, I was probably wrong. If parents resisted the diagnosis, they have to change. We have to do it together. A very nice family who had recently immigrated to the United States came to me with their eleven-year-old daughter, Liza."
- Jay Gordon, The ADD and ADHD Cure: The Natural Way to Treat Hyperactivity and Refocus Your Child (Get the book.)

"With this new traffic has come a large increase in medication errors and deaths. Publishing in Lancet, Phillips explains that by 1993 one out of every 131 outpatient deaths was caused by medication errors—a fourfold increase in drug mistakes per patient from 1983. Was it due to the increased volume of prescriptions? No, that number went up only 1.4 times. "Our data suggest," Phillips says, "that medical personnel may need to compensate for changes in medical care by increased vigilance in the delivery and monitoring of medication, especially for outpatients."
- Martin L. Cross, The Medical Racket (Get the book.)

"To make sure this doesn't happen, the recipes in Book Two are delicious, filled with many different ingredients and flavors to increase your enjoyment of eating. With these recipes and the knowledge you have gained, you will have the tools to ensure your success. The only real hindrance to living healthier that you will still have to overcome is time. That is why planning your weekly menu to assure you have access to good-tasting, healthy food is crucial. Make sure you have easy-to-grab, nutritious food always available, wherever you go."
- Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Eat For Health: Lose Weight, Keep It Off, Look Younger, Live Longer (2 book set) (Get the book.)

"As you move from Phase One to Phase Four, the nutrient density of the menus I've planned here will increase gradually from adequate to superior. The goal for Phase One is to reach a score of at least 60 for each day. The sample menus we provide show you how to put together meals that will give you an average score of 70 over the course of a week. You can use our menus or make up your own from the recipes we've given you, but still aim for at least 60 points each day."

- Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Eat For Health: Lose Weight, Keep It Off, Look Younger, Live Longer (2 book set) (Get the book.)

"The studies had shown that it was possible for a person to transmit information about card symbols to another or increase the odds of a certain number being rolled with a set of dice. Schmidt had been drawn to Rhine's work for its implications in physics. Even as a student, Schmidt had had a contrary streak, which rather liked testing the limits of science. In his private moments, he regarded physics and many of the sciences, with their claim to have explained many of the mysteries of the universe, as exceedingly presumptuous."
- Lynne Mctaggart, The Field - The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe (Get the book.)

"But you may be able to increase the length of your walks somewhat more quickly than if you started out with lower energy levels. If your energy out value is 1,000 steps or more per day, start with the 5-minute program, three times a week, even if you suspect you could do more. Starting on the low side gives you a chance to integrate that activity into your energy envelope. Every step, even if small, puts you more and more in control and gives you confidence to move ahead with the program."
- Benjamin H. Natelson, M.D., Your Symptoms Are Real: What to Do When Your Doctor Says Nothing Is Wrong (Get the book.)

"Rates of this complaint tend to increase as women grow older, peaking at 25 percent for women aged sixty to sixty-four. Adding the requirement for multiple tender points magnifies the gender disparity and makes FM a major issue in women's health. For example, FM rates in the city of London, Ontario, were 4.9 percent of all women compared to 1.6 percent of all men. The epidemiologists doing this work extended their study to include Amish people living in rural Ontario. Why?"

- Benjamin H. Natelson, M.D., Your Symptoms Are Real: What to Do When Your Doctor Says Nothing Is Wrong (Get the book.)

"CPK levels can also increase when your muscles are injured by an autoimmune disease called myositis, which can produce muscle achiness, weakness, and fatigue. I'm looking for myositis when I order this test. Although one could do $10,000 worth of blood tests to evaluate a person for fatigue, the tests I have discussed to this point rule out its most common causes. Anemia and a poorly functioning thyroid head this list. If you complain to your doctor of pain or fatigue, he or she may or may not order all of the blood tests I have discussed to this point. But the doctor should."

- Benjamin H. Natelson, M.D., Your Symptoms Are Real: What to Do When Your Doctor Says Nothing Is Wrong (Get the book.)

"Inertia - the tendency of objects to stay put and be hard to get moving, and then once moving, hard to stop - fights your ability to increase the speed of an object. The bigger the object, the more force is needed to get it moving. The amount of effort it takes to send a flea flying across a tennis court will not begin to shift a hippopotamus. The point was, no one mathematically 'proved a commandment. You use it to build an entire religion upon. Every physicist since Newton took that to be a fundamental assumption and built theory and experiment based upon this bedrock."
- Lynne Mctaggart, The Field - The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe (Get the book.)

"If you are a highly active male, you may need to increase the calories by eating more food or by using more of the higher calorie nuts/seeds in the menus or recipes. PHASE ONE - TOOLS, RECIPES & MEAL PLANS Cooking for phase One The delicious recipes in Phase One begin to put the spotlight on nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables. Compared to the standard diet, animal products start to take a back seat. This may be an opportunity for you to explore some new vegetables, beans, and grains."
- Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Eat For Health: Lose Weight, Keep It Off, Look Younger, Live Longer (2 book set) (Get the book.)

"Specific Health Disorders In Autism, Brain, and Environment, Richard Lathe attributes the recent increase in cases of autism to a combination of genetic predisposition and environmental toxins. This book is worth reading if you want to learn more about autism and what causes it. For more information on the vaccination-autism debate, visit the Web site of my environmental center (, SafeMinds (, the National Autism Association (, and Generation Rescue ("
- Deirdre Imus, Growing Up Green: Baby and Child Care: Volume 2 in the Bestselling Green This! Series (Green This!) (Get the book.)

"The effect of the highly dilute IgE began increasing at this point and continued to increase, the more it was diluted.3 As homeopathy had always claimed, the weaker the solution, the more powerful its effect. Benveniste joined forces with five different laboratories in four countries, France, Israel, Italy and Canada, all of whom were able to replicate his results."
- Lynne Mctaggart, The Field - The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe (Get the book.)

"While many experts again link the increase in artificial technologies and multiple births, many feel that stress, poor nutrition, and alcohol abuse might also contribute. Limited access to health care is another problem, as is our lack of emphasis on prenatal care. "There's no protection for pregnancy," Dr. Manny Alvarez said. "We still have fifty million Americans without insurance. Women with limited insurance or who, for one reason or another, have to fall into, let's say, a clinic service, have long-term waiting periods."
- Deirdre Imus, Growing Up Green: Baby and Child Care: Volume 2 in the Bestselling Green This! Series (Green This!) (Get the book.)

"Try to increase the amount of this kind of healthy breathing you do each day by practicing at least twice per day. Eventually, as you get good at this, raise the challenge level at least one notch to Normal. At that point, it might be more fun to move to one of the games provided in the program. To reduce any tendency toward the postural orthostatic syndrome of hyperventilation (POSH), practice this breathing exercise while standing as well as while sitting."
- Benjamin H. Natelson, M.D., Your Symptoms Are Real: What to Do When Your Doctor Says Nothing Is Wrong (Get the book.)

"But if they expected vaccination to smooth the path of empire, or even to enhance the status and increase the popularity of western medicine, British officials and bureaucrats were doomed to disappointment. Vaccination, whatever its virtues and efficacy in Europe, met with considerable opposition, and experienced significant technical difficulties in India. And the British, who had expected gratitude and praise for their not inconsiderable investment in spreading what they saw as a clearly superior practice, were furious."
- Roberta Bivins, Alternative Medicine?: A History (Get the book.)

"This function of the bHLH factor, which does not appear to require a recruitment of the bHLH to DNA, is unlikely to involve solely an increase in the DNA-binding affinity of the R2R3-MYB factor, since a mutant of CI that binds DNA with high affinity continues to be dependent on R (Hernandez et al., 2004). In addition, the bHLH factors can function by enhancing the regulatory activity of the R2R3-MYB factor, presumably by being recruited to DNA."
- Erich Grotewold, The Science of Flavonoids (Get the book.)

"In contrast to quercetin, tannins have been shown to increase membrane fluidity (Labieniec and Gabryelak, 2003). Flavonoids also may modify the plasma membrane by altering the lipid composition. During nodulation, flavonoids induce expression of nod genes but also appear to alter the membrane composition of Rizobium leguminosarum. After nodulation induction, accumulation of the phospholipid diglycosyl diacylglycerol occurred in wild type but not in mutant bacteria lacking the nod genes (Orgambide et al, 1994)."

- Erich Grotewold, The Science of Flavonoids (Get the book.)

"We'll begin in this chapter with a basic introduction to diabetes, where we explain what's happening at the cellular level—specifically beta-cell function and insulin resistance (an inability of the body's cells and tissues to increase their intake of glucose [blood sugar] in response to the insulin that is circulating in the bloodstream), which are critical factors in the prevention and better management of diabetes. Wait, you may be thinking, isn't control of blood glucose levels the key to diabetes management?"
- Steven V. Joyal, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Diabetes: An Innovative Program to Prevent, Treat, and Beat This Controllable Disease (Get the book.)

"One of the most momentous changes in the American diet since 1909 (when the USDA first began keeping track) has been the increase in the percentage of calories coming from sugars, from 13 percent to 20 percent. Add to that the percentage of calories coming from carbohydrates (roughly 40 percent, or ten servings, nine of which are refined) and Americans are consuming a diet that is at least half sugars in one form or another—calories providing virtually nothing but energy. The energy density of these refined carbohydrates contributes to obesity in two ways."
- Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto (Get the book.)

"Weston Price, who was born in 1870 in a farming community south of Ottawa and built a dental practice in Cleveland, Ohio, had personally witnessed the rapid increase in dental problems beginning around the turn of the last century and was convinced that the cause could be found in the modern diet. (He wasn't the only one: In the 1930s an argument raged in medical circles as to whether hygiene or nutrition was the key to understanding and treating tooth decay. A public debate on that very question in Manhattan in 1934 attracted an overflow audience of thousands."

- Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto (Get the book.)

"It takes some time for your digestive tract to learn how to digest them better, so you may have to start out with a smaller quantity and increase the amount gradually. Don't stop eating beans entirely. It will make things worse when you try to eat them again. Instead, just eat a smaller amount every day. 5) Whole Grains Whole grains include barley, buckwheat (kasha), millet, oats, quinoa, brown rice and wild rice, all of which are high in fiber. Just because a food is called "whole grain" you can't assume it is a good food."
- Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Eat For Health: Lose Weight, Keep It Off, Look Younger, Live Longer (2 book set) (Get the book.)

"Earlier research had shown that serotonin was made from tryptophan and that as soon as levels of tryptophan in the brain increased, serotonin synthesis would also increase. As the cells accumulated new serotonin, it would be used immediately for the brain function that required its presence. When Wurtman and Fernstrom examined the brains of the rats after they ate a sweet or starchy meal, they found increased amounts of serotonin as well as increased activity in the systems that use serotonin."
- Judith J. Wurtman and Susan Suffes, The Serotonin Solution (Get the book.)

"All these ph mutants increase vacuolar pH to a similar extent as anl and anil mutants, but do not affect anthocyanin biosynthesis. PH4 encodes a R2R3-MYB factor that interacts with the conserved amino terminal domain of AN1 (Quattrocchio et al, 2005). The AN1-PH4 complex is dependent on the presence of AN 11 for the control of vacuolar pH, in a fashion similar to how the anthocyanin regulatory complexes (AN1-AN2 and AN1-AN4) are dependent on AN11 (Koes et al, 2005). PH3 encodes a WRKY transcription factor with high similarity to TTG2 (Verweij et al, submitted for publication)."
- Erich Grotewold, The Science of Flavonoids (Get the book.)

"Clinical trials are now showing that the drug-coated stents increase the risk of a clot, which can cause a stroke, unless the patient takes drugs to prevent one. When GE develops a new scanner, hospitals and doctors are eager to get on the bandwagon. Hospitals want one in order to compete with other hospitals."
- Shannon Brownlee, Overtreated: Why Too Much Medicine Is Making Us Sicker and Poorer (Get the book.)

"When Elliott asked Carbona how he managed to increase prescriptions without making the doctors feel as if they had been bribed, Carbona told him that his consultant friend had done all the heavy lifting. The consultant never mentioned the drugs Carbona was pushing. Instead, he talked up Carbona himself. "Gene is putting his neck on the line for you guys," the consultant told the doctors. He emphasized what a great service Carbona was providing them, how valuable the consulting was, and how they were all going to make a lot more money. "Those guys went berserk for me," Carbona told Elliott."

- Shannon Brownlee, Overtreated: Why Too Much Medicine Is Making Us Sicker and Poorer (Get the book.)

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