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"Foods that are refined have been handled a lot, and each time you do something else with that food you get fewer nutrients. exposure to heat and air, or otherwise altering it, destroys the nutrients in the food. For example, bagged, peeled vegetables and fruits or bagged cut lettuce and salad blends have exposed the vegetable or fruit to the air and there is significant vitamin and mineral loss when you do that. Even eating a whole apple is better that eating the apple sauce since the heat and air exposure destroys the nutrients."
- Kenneth W Thomas, Ron Gilbert, Gerd Schaller, Side Effects: The Hidden Agenda of the Pharmaceutical Drug Cartel (Get the book.)

"The American Association of Poison Control Centers Toxic exposure Surveillance System reported 6,442 pesticide exposures in 2003, the majority of which were unintentional. One thousand six hundred ninety-five patients were treated in emergency rooms and 16 fatalities were reported. When patients vomit organophosphate pesticides, ER rooms are instructed to treat the liquid as a "hazardous chemical spill." Organophosphate pesticides are used on 71.6 percent of apples, 59.6 percent of cherries, 37.2 percent of pears and 27.1 percent of grapes."
- Adam Leith Gollne, The Fruit Hunters: A Story of Nature, Adventure, Commerce and Obsession (Get the book.)

"The time of exposure to stimuli (the quantity of time being exposed to defocus must be so great as to induce a transient change of your refractive state) Such exposure tends to transiently change the accommodative balance with time, causing steadier and steadier changes and becoming a part of one's normal refractive capabilities. A myopic person, trained with myopic defocus on a regular basis, little by little will get closer to the emmetropic state, intervening over his accommodative balance."
- David De Angelis, The Secret of Perfect Vision: How You Can Prevent and Reverse Nearsightedness (Get the book.)

"But you may have five mutations in your liver that mean you better cut down on well-done cheeseburgers, increase your intake of cruciferous vegetables, avoid exposure to polyaro-matic hydrocarbons present in gasoline fumes, and get out of the business you are in because exposure to certain chemicals could increase the risk of certain cancers or accelerated aging. "People always tend to listen to us more after their heart attacks."
- Stephen Sinatra, M.D. and James C., M.D. Roberts, Reverse Heart Disease Now: Stop Deadly Cardiovascular Plaque Before It's Too Late (Get the book.)

"Children's media exposure to TV, video games, and "adult" themes is increasing, and exposure to such imagery, researchers find, connects with violent and sexually exploitive behavior. Teens face the peer challenge of "freer" sex, where loose "hooking up" for one-night stands is coming to be seen as normal, and building deep emotional relationships with sexual partners is considered out of date. Many of the functions of family life are taken over by outside interest groups. Child rearing is increasingly entrusted to kindergartens and company or community day-care centers."
- Ervin Laszlo, Quantum Shift in the Global Brain: How the New Scientific Reality Can Change Us and Our World (Get the book.)

"Just as it takes an initial exposure to a disease before the body learns to quickly react to it, most allergens don't get their maximum response from a person's body until the second exposure. Thus a person may have contact with poison ivy and think he S immune to its effects, only to discover that he has a massive outbreak from the second encounter with this plant. The reason the symptoms occur only with the re-exposure of the body to the agent is that the immune system needs the first exposure to create the antibodies which respond to the allergen on the second and subsequent exposures."
- Duncan Long, Attaining Medical Self Sufficiency
(Get the book.)

"In turn, one of the groups treated with Zoloft received "exposure therapy" consisting of eight 15-minute sessions with a primary care doctor to talk about their symptoms. These patients also received "homework" to do between sessions to help them learn how to identify and break through their social habits and fears. Similarly, one of the groups treated with the placebo received exposure therapy, and the other group no counseling. The patients' symptoms were then monitored for 52 weeks—the first 24 weeks while undergoing therapy, and then for 28 weeks after the therapy had been completed."
- John Abramson, Overdosed America: The Broken Promise of American Medicine (P.S.) (Get the book.)

"Cognitive Behavior Therapy CBT is often used for symptom management by employing various techniques, such as applied relaxation, exposure in vivo, exposure through imaging, panic management, breathing retraining, and cognitive restructuring.1 The cognitive part of CBT focuses on the identification of misinterpreted feelings and the education of patients about their anxieties and/or panic attacks. The behavior therapy component uses breathing exercises, relaxation, and exposure as a means to manage the anxiety."
- Dr. Jonathan Prousky, BPHE, BSc, ND, FRSH, Anxiety: Orthomolecular Diagnosis and Treatment (Get the book.)

"BLOW HOT AND COLD Here's another fun way to activate longevity genes—with heat. exposure to higher than normal body temperatures for even short periods of time activates the production of compounds known as heat-shock proteins. These remarkable proteins tell any cell that is not carrying its weight to self-destruct, leaving only fresh healthy cells. These remarkable proteins actually make your cells impervious to damage. So my advice is to go to a sauna or a steam room; take a bikram, or hot, yoga class; or come visit me in Palm Springs in the summer."
- Dr. Steven R. Gundry, Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution: Turn Off the Genes That Are Killing You - And Your Waistline - And Drop the Weight for Good (Get the book.)

"You will "slide" quickly and deeply into hypnosis with repeated exposure to the process. If you can, continue practicing the energy exercises from chapter 2 during this time, as well. These tools compliment one another. The power and benefit of any one tool is bolstered by practicing the others you have in your kit. You should also notice a positive health benefit right away—a reduction in pain, improved stamina, and lower blood pressure, for example—even though the most exciting and rewarding work of self-assessment and treatment is still ahead."
- Rick Levy and Lou Aronica, Miraculous Health: How to Heal Your Body by Unleashing the Hidden Power of Your Mind (Get the book.)

"The causes of diarrhea vary and can include ingestion of certain foods or substances (such as caffeine, artificial sweeteners, or food allergens), food poisoning, viral or bacterial infection, parasites, excessive use of laxatives or antacids, overgrowth of natural bacteria in the intestines, exposure to chemicals the body cannot tolerate, and various bowel disorders or diseases. Acute diarrhea affects almost everyone from time to time. Chronic diarrhea or presence of blood in the stool may be due to a serious intestinal disorder and a physician should be consulted."
- Tom Bohager, Everything You Need to Know About Enzymes to Treat Everything from Digestive Problems and Allergies to Migraines and Arthritis (Get the book.)

"On the other hand, chronic exposure to sugar kills off short-term memory cells. If you're abusing the privilege, what better way to get you to forget where the sugar bowl is? Scary, yes, but a beautiful design for controlling populations. How about chronic stress? Being at the bottom of the pecking order means an animal gets the worst food, the most unwanted attention from more powerful rivals, the least chance to mate, and generally the highest stress level. These animals usually die early, many from disease, so their mixture of genes is not perpetuated."
- Dr. Steven R. Gundry, Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution: Turn Off the Genes That Are Killing You - And Your Waistline - And Drop the Weight for Good (Get the book.)

"Peter's research suggests that the body-field, and the physical body, prefers a slightly negatively charged field and that when electrostatic fields are too positively charged, exposure to them could correlate to increased chance of pathology. His research also suggests that the main link between the electromagnetic Polarity field and the physical body is via the stem cells in the red marrow of the bones. Biologically, this link could be quite important in health because marrow stem cells are precursors of many types of immune cells."
- Peter h. Fraser and Harry Massey, Decoding the Human Body-Field: The New Science of Information as Medicine (Get the book.)

"After exposure to these modern foods, you should be able to accomplish just about everything your genes need done, meaning replacing yourself, before you have to begin your exit in about twenty years. As just one example, the Pima Indians of the American Southwest were once long- Bye-Bye Wheelchair and GaAtric BypaAA | , {I Our local bariatric surgeon, Dr. Bobby, referred a woman in her early 30s to me for help. Rachel had become completely disabled by her weight and had to get around on a motorized wheelchair. She weighed 340 pounds, making it impossible for Dr."
- Dr. Steven R. Gundry, Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution: Turn Off the Genes That Are Killing You - And Your Waistline - And Drop the Weight for Good (Get the book.)

"In addition, avoiding excess exposure to the sun and nutritional support of the hormonal and immune systems would be beneficial."
- Tom Bohager, Everything You Need to Know About Enzymes to Treat Everything from Digestive Problems and Allergies to Migraines and Arthritis (Get the book.)

"CLEANSE AND FORTIFY PROGRAM Individuals who have very toxic bodies from years of poor food choices, heavy antibiotic use, or exposure to heavy environmental pollution, or who suspect heavy metal toxicity need to cleanse their entire digestive systems and recolo-nize them with healthy bacteria. Toxins, certain drugs, fungus, and chemicals in the body can interfere with the body's abilities to properly digest, absorb, and assimilate nutrients that are essential to sustaining life and health."

- Tom Bohager, Everything You Need to Know About Enzymes to Treat Everything from Digestive Problems and Allergies to Migraines and Arthritis (Get the book.)

"OPTIMAL DIGESTIVE AND IMMUNE SUPPORT Enzyme deficiencies, unhealthy eating habits, exposure to environmental allergens, mycotoxins, and stress can all deplete and limit our body's capacity to digest, absorb, and assimilate foods completely. This, in turn, can compromise our immune systems. People who suffer from digestive distress such as gas, bloating, indigestion, or heartburn more than two times a week or who find themselves frequently sick will benefit from this program."

- Tom Bohager, Everything You Need to Know About Enzymes to Treat Everything from Digestive Problems and Allergies to Migraines and Arthritis (Get the book.)

"Chronic exposure to lots of plant compounds also appears to produce a low level of toxemia that actually activates an individual's longevity genes. What I'm suggesting is that many vegetables are "good" for you because they're "bad" for you! You will learn how to harness the power of this exciting discovery, called hormesis, in Phase 3 of Diet Evolution. THE VEGETABLES VS. MEAT CONTROVERSY In societies where children consume large amounts of vegetables, they tend to be shorter in stature as adults and begin reproducing later in life than those who don't rely as much on vegetables."
- Dr. Steven R. Gundry, Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution: Turn Off the Genes That Are Killing You - And Your Waistline - And Drop the Weight for Good (Get the book.)

"When our exposure is constant over long periods of time a kind of forgetfulness, or what Martin Prechtel calls "amnesia," sets in. We forget what it is like to be connected to the earth and to the spirit that is inherent in every plant, every tree, every rock, every stream, every mountain, and every animal. Because it is this spirit that gives us our very life, when we are cut off from it withering occurs and spiritual malnourishment begins."
- Pam Montgomery, Plant Spirit Healing: A Guide to Working with Plant Consciousness (Get the book.)

"None of the cases or controls had a history of measles exposure other than MMR vaccination. Serum and CSF samples were also evaluated for antibodies to AW and myelin basic protein (MBP). MV F gene was present in CSF from all three cases, but not in controls. Genome copy number ranged from 3.7x10 to 2.42x10 per ng of RNA total. Serum anti-MBP autoantibodies were detected in all children with AE. Anti-MBP and MV antibodies were detected in the CSF of two cases, while the third child had neither anti-MBP nor MV antibodies detected in his CSF."
- Gary Null and Amy McDonald, The Food-Mood Connection: Nutrition-based and Environmental Approaches to Mental Health and Physical Wellbeing (Get the book.)

"Chapter 3 Summary Step One : Reduce exposure to Toxins in Your Environment You do this through: ?Cleaning up your air and water ?Choosing natural products in your home ?Creating chemical-free rooms in your home ?Eating organic whenever possible ?Enhancing digestion with enzymes and probiotics CHAPTER 4 THE BEAUTY OF YOUR BODY'S NATURAL DETOX METHODS Evolution has made sure that our bodies can defend themselves against harmful encounters."
- Brenda Watson and Leonard Smith, The Detox Strategy: Vibrant Health in 5 Easy Steps (Get the book.)

"The increased incidence of children, for example, who experience puberty early (before the age of ten), has been blamed partly on abnormal exposure to hormones. "Precocious puberty," as it is called, can happen because of foods such as chicken and milk that contain added hormones. Bioaccumulation of toxic substances over time is responsible for many physical and mental disorders, especially ones that are on a rapid rise such as asthma, cancer, and mental illness. It's no surprise that as a result, detoxification therapies are increasing in importance and popularity."

- Brenda Watson and Leonard Smith, The Detox Strategy: Vibrant Health in 5 Easy Steps (Get the book.)

"While activists continue to push for changes such as reducing the pesticides in foods, higher standards for our air and drinking water, and tougher standards for heavy metal exposure, my prescription focuses on what you can do right now as an individual. So much that's out there currently is about what you should not do; RENEW emphasizes the healthful solutions you can follow, and the positive things you can do for your family, your home, and yourself. WHAT IS DETOXIFICATION?"

- Brenda Watson and Leonard Smith, The Detox Strategy: Vibrant Health in 5 Easy Steps (Get the book.)

"It's very empowering to know we can reduce our risk for disease and lessen our exposure to these ubiquitous toxins that are a product of our modern culture and, inevitably, our attempts to advance the science of food, agriculture, medicine, and engineering in general."

- Brenda Watson and Leonard Smith, The Detox Strategy: Vibrant Health in 5 Easy Steps (Get the book.)

"They got maximum exposure to the sun. The long-lived women were likely to be the firstborn. And we also noticed that these people were extremely positive, which we can associate with their longevity." Now Gianni took the floor. "In order to assess the Costa Rican centenarians, we decided to compare them with Sardinian centenarians, about whom we have good data," he began. "What is surprising is the greater fertility of the centenarians from Costa Rica in comparison to the Sardinians. This does not mean that these differences are necessarily related to longevity."
- Dan Buettner, The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who've Lived the Longest (Get the book.)

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