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"Eating foods rich in the B-complex vitamins is complex nutrients. important.(See the table, Best Food Sources of B Vita- mins, on pages 100-101, for a list of good sources of B-complex vitamins.) Whole grains, peanuts, seeds and beans also contain good amounts. An alternative is B12-fortified brewer's yeast or a good B-complex supplement. "I have my patients take from one teaspoon to one tablespoon of brewer's yeast a day," Dr. Picker says. He also has them follow a diet that's high in fiber and complex carbohydrates and low in fats and sweets. "
- Prevention Magazine Editors, The Complete Book of Vitamins & Minerals for Health (Get the book.)

"This antioxidant complex, extracted from the bark of French maritime pine trees, contains around forty compounds. Some reports, published and anecdotal, have found it helpful in treating distractibility, impulsiveness, and hyperactivity in children. It may have similar benefits in adults. Try 100 mg twice daily. B-complex vitamins. By now, you understand how important a foundation B vitamins are for healthy neurotransmitter levels and activity. Take a high-potency B-complex (or a high-potency multivitamin) containing 25 to 50 mg of vitamins Bl, B2, and B3."
- Jack Challem, The Food-Mood Solution: All-Natural Ways to Banish Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Stress, Overeating, and Alcohol and Drug Problems--and Feel Good Again (Get the book.)

"Most diets recommend a person eat complex carbohydrates and avoid simple sugars. "Complex" refers to the molecular structure of the carbohydrate, and the assumption is that if the structure of a carbohydrate is complex, the rate of its breakdown to sugars will be slow. This seems sensible but it does not always correspond with established scientific data. Cereal or rice cakes are complex carbohydrates, but do not be lulled into thinking that a complex carbohydrate is necessarily a low glycemic index food. Many are high."
- Robert W. Hill, Ph.D. and Eduardo Castro, M.D., Getting Rid of Ritalin: How Neurofeedback Can Successfully Treat Attention Deficit Disorder Without Drugs (Get the book.)

"In the general circulation, 95% of the RBP is associated with the transthyretin (prealbumin)- retinol complex and, except in the immediate postprandial state, essentially all of the plasma vitamin A is bound to RBP (Figure 5). This complex formed with transthyretin reduces glomerular filtration of retinol. The mechanism by which circulating retinol (complexed with RBP) is taken up by cells is not well described. In any event, the turnover of this complex in plasma is between 11 to 16 hours. After the complex delivers the retinol, RBP is excreted by the kidney."
- Reginald C. Tsang, Nutrition During Infancy: Principles and Practice (Get the book.)

"In the course of his studies, he learned about the Tarahumara Indians of northern Mexico, whose diet consisted almost entirely of complex carbohydrates and who suffered from almost no heart disease or cancer. Pritikin became convinced that these Indians set an example Americans should follow, and devoted much of his life to spreading that message. The diet he promoted emphasized consumption of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and small amounts of meat, poultry, and fish—all told, a low-fat, high-fiber diet supplemented with healthy doses of aerobic exercise."
- Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., M.D., Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease (Get the book.)

"The answer lies in a complex blend of culture, habit, taste, real-politik, and other factors—including, frankly, a somewhat condescending attitude among medical experts toward the lay public. Let's look at the facts. To begin with, it is true that people have a craving for oil, dairy, and animal fat, and that includes the medical scientists who study the problem. We are immersed in an environment of toxic food that is attractive, tasteful, reasonably priced, and heavily advertised. And there are powerful commercial interests that want no change in the American diet."

- Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., M.D., Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease (Get the book.)

"The military-industrial complex lubricates the mass-agriculture system with fossil fuels. Tons of heavy metals and other hazardous, even radioactive, waste is sprayed on American agricultural soil. In the 1990s, manufacturers in Quincy Washington, intentionally sold toxic industrial waste to farmers as fertilizer, causing an eruption of cancers, brain tumors and pulmonary disease. Farmers in India recently started spraying their cotton and chili fields with Coca-Cola. They say it kills pests just as well as chemicals but costs less."
- Adam Leith Gollne, The Fruit Hunters: A Story of Nature, Adventure, Commerce and Obsession (Get the book.)

"Physicians complex Skin Bleaching Cream with 2% hydroquinone, for example, advises consumers to "Apply to clean skin twice daily. Desired results are achieved with consistent use of this product." The product, made by CosMed, contains a dozen problematic ingredients, including three chemicals with potential to increase skin cancer risk by intensifying UV exposures in deep skin layers. "Application of Physicians Complex® sunblock SPF #30 is mandatory on a daily basis," advises the package."
- Stacy Malkan, Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry (Get the book.)

"More complex cells, capable of sexual reproduction and possessing a central nucleus, appeared at about the seventieth floor. Multicellular organisms came another ten floors above that, and crustaceans ruled the waves on the ninety-fourth floor. Fish appeared on the ninety-seventh floor, and crawled out of the sea on the ninety-ninth. Dinosaurs reigned on floors 104 to 107. Mammals arrived on the top floor. But Homo erectus did not first walk on two legs until a few inches from the top of the top floor. It had taken 99."
- Peter Russell, Waking Up In Time: Finding Inner Peace In Times of Accelerating Change (Get the book.)

"The more we build these networks and enrich our stores of memory and experience, the easier it is to learn, because what we already know serves as a foundation for forming increasingly complex thoughts. As for how much aerobic exercise you need to stay sharp, one small but scientifically sound study from Japan found that jogging thirty minutes just two or three times a week for twelve weeks improved executive function. But it's important to mix in some form of activity that demands coordination beyond putting one foot in front of the other."
- John J. Ratey, MD, Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain (Get the book.)

"Patients often tell me they see their illness as so complex that they've decided to avoid their primary-care doctor altogether, managing their illness as best they can on their own. This is an unfortunate decision. Some people do make remarkably good case managers, but almost all who take this course of action are really shortchanging themselves. Although you may think that the primary-care doctor's job is just taking care of sore throats and colds, the role changes in the face of chronic illness."
- Benjamin H. Natelson, M.D., Your Symptoms Are Real: What to Do When Your Doctor Says Nothing Is Wrong (Get the book.)

"In our work on chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), we have found patients to have problems processing complex information. Finding such a problem can be useful in substantiating insurance or disability claims. In fact, because patients are often aware of this, some do not try to do their best on the tests. This leads to real problems because the neuropsychologist has ways to measure mental effort objectively and because the insurance companies reject disability claims for any patients who make less than a full effort on the tests."

- Benjamin H. Natelson, M.D., Your Symptoms Are Real: What to Do When Your Doctor Says Nothing Is Wrong (Get the book.)

"First timers would be best not to compose a complex experiment or one that involves a lot of memorization. Also, don't compose one that may require years to come about or has poorly defined terms such as "Dream, tell me, who will be the next person in my family to become seriously ill?" (What do you mean by "seriously"?) 5. If working with a partner to seek some secret about the partner, make sure that they are willing to give you an honest answer. Some people will simply refuse to confirm (or deny) the veracity of hidden information. 6."
- Robert Waggoner, Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self (Get the book.)

"But as I hope to make abundantly clear, simply raising or lowering the level of a neurotransmitter doesn't elicit a crisp one-to-one result because the system is so complex. Manipulating just one neurotransmitter creates a ripple effect that takes different paths in different brains. I tell people that going for a run is like taking a little bit of Prozac and a little bit of Ritalin because, like the drugs, exercise elevates these neurotransmitters."
- John J. Ratey, MD, Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain (Get the book.)

"If you combine them with any other complex carbohydrate or fat you may find that you have a lot of gas, bloating and pains. This is because the fruit that is normally digested and absorbed very quickly ferments when it is mixed with other types of foods. It creates a gassy soup of bacteria which ferments and rums into alcohols, acetic acids and vinegars. Starches are things like potatoes, rice, bread, pasta and crackers. Proteins are fish, meats and legumes. Legumes also fall into the starch category. They are best to be combined with grains to get all of the amino acids required."
- Heather Caruso, Your Drug-Free Guide to Digestive Health (Get the book.)

"Their medical curiosity has burned out, and they won't have enough interest to figure out a complex medical problem. Your antennae should alert you to a doctor who is bored with medicine. One clue is if he or she is engaged in medical research; a critical quality for success in research is curiosity. A doctor who also conducts research will view you through a research lens. You may seem interesting just because your case is a little more difficult to solve."
- Benjamin H. Natelson, M.D., Your Symptoms Are Real: What to Do When Your Doctor Says Nothing Is Wrong (Get the book.)

"Beyond any personal religious or spiritual beliefs, the idea of God simply may be too profound or complex for the beginning lucid dreamer to experience fully. Take, for instance, this early lucid dream in which I ask to see God (May 1985): I'm riding my bike across the sidewalks on the lawn of my old elementary school. I see another bike rider doing something odd and realize, "This is a dream!" I ride along saying "this is a dream" every few seconds to maintain my focus. Other kids are riding their bikes, too."
- Robert Waggoner, Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self (Get the book.)

"Guidelines for conversing with Dream Figures To experience the vast nature of dream figures, you must cast off limiting beliefs and expectations and allow for the possibility of a more complex milieu. Once you open yourself to a real, conscious interaction, consider the following guidelines: 1. Don't limit the dream figure by expressing prejudiced assumptions, such as "You're a creation of my mind!" or "Do you know I'm dreaming you?" Most dream figures just stare at you when you say these things. Instead, ask them an open-ended question, like "Who are you?" or "What do you represent?"

- Robert Waggoner, Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self (Get the book.)

"Like Piaget's stages of cognitive development, the stages become progressively more complex and insightful over time. At the beginning, much like a newborn child, one finds the lucid dreamer focusing on his or her sensory experience, followed by an attempt to develop skills suited to maintaining and manipulating the dream environment. With practice, the lucid dreamer moves into a more skill-acquiring and purposeful period of thought, experiment, and action. This is followed by a new period of greater abstract reasoning and reflection."

- Robert Waggoner, Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self (Get the book.)

"They feel they're having trouble concentrating because they are having trouble concentrating, as well as paying attention and doing complex tasks that require attention. Neuropsychological testing is a way to assess objectively an individual's higher-order brain functions: intelligence, memory, and ability to concentrate. It can relieve the patient of fears that he or she has a progressive brain disease like Alzheimer's. Importantly, patients with brain fog rarely have problems with intelligence and with the ability to memorize; in contrast, these are the major issues in Alzheimer's."
- Benjamin H. Natelson, M.D., Your Symptoms Are Real: What to Do When Your Doctor Says Nothing Is Wrong (Get the book.)

"The trick is (1) to use only natural isolates—no synthetics, (2) to offer as complete a complex as you can even when using isolates, and (3) to make sure you take advantage of the synergistic effect that a number of the antioxidants shate with each other. The Ultimate Antioxidant There is no such thing as an ultimate antioxidant, but look for a formula that pretty much matches the scope of the formula below and approximates the levels of each ingredient. • Beta carotene?"
- Jon Barron, Lessons from The Miracle Doctors: A Step-by-Step Guide to Optimum Health and Relief from Catastrophic Illness (Get the book.)

"To understand why, it is worth having some sense of the longer and complex historical relationship between mental healing practices and self-help. There is an established historiography that sees self-help as one expression of a secular and psychologically minded "therapeutic culture" in general that first arose at the turn of the twentieth century as part of a new American culture of narcissism, consumerism, and consumption—a culture that valorized "feeling good."
- Anne Harrington, The Cure Within: A History of Mind-Body Medicine (Get the book.)

"As he explained to a journalist in 1975, "many of the problems that heart doctors encounter [such as dangerously elevated blood pressure] have been created by daily stresses and tensions—the cost, so to speak, of living at an often hectic pace in a highly complex society."24 Could anything be done about this? Benson tried to find out. In one study, he trained squirrel monkeys to raise their blood pressure using operant conditioning technology. As he recalled later, "We found that the monkeys that were 'rewarded' for higher blood pressure went on to develop hypertension."

- Anne Harrington, The Cure Within: A History of Mind-Body Medicine (Get the book.)

"Even as these new debates within public health and epidemiology were playing out, the range of ways in which people told stories about healing ties was getting more complex. A new variation was emerging that was concerned less with the health benefits of community and more with the health benefits of something altogether more romantic: intimacy, or even (dare a scientist use that word?) love. In 1977, University of Maryland psychiatrist and stress researcher James J. Lynch published a book titled The Broken Heart that did dare to use the word. "

- Anne Harrington, The Cure Within: A History of Mind-Body Medicine (Get the book.)

"More recently, however, it has become clear that matters in fact were more complex than some people had long wanted to admit. It is true that some key psychosomatic theorists (Georg Groddeck, Felix Deutsch) did leave Germany, either voluntarily or under duress, when the National Socialists took power.43 Nevertheless, the rise of Nazism did not mark an abrupt end either to Freudian thinking or to psychosomatics in Germany."

- Anne Harrington, The Cure Within: A History of Mind-Body Medicine (Get the book.)

"Feed your child proteins and complex carbohydrates, which slow food's absorption and digestion, and stop some of the roller-coaster high and low blood-sugar levels that children get from birthday-party food. Feed your child healthy food before the birthday party so that the edge is taken off his or her appetite. In fact, why not feed your child good, nutritious foods everywhere, every day? Why start with Ritalin and similar drugs? Older kids who exhibit the same symptoms that they showed when they were younger deserve developmental evaluations."
- Jay Gordon, The ADD and ADHD Cure: The Natural Way to Treat Hyperactivity and Refocus Your Child (Get the book.)

"In the case of tumors, for example, this includes the development of fully functional, complex vascular systems capable of providing tremendous amounts of nutrition and sustenance—unfortunately at the expense of your body's vital organs. Also, once they take root, cancer cells are able to manifest their most important attfibute—immortality. Unlike normal cells in your body, which have a limited life span (one of the main reasons we age and die), cancer cells, in general, do not age and die. Functionally, they can live forever."
- Jon Barron, Lessons from The Miracle Doctors: A Step-by-Step Guide to Optimum Health and Relief from Catastrophic Illness (Get the book.)

"You take 1,000 mgs of Ssh oil, acidophilus and a homeopathic complex for detoxification of the intestinal tract. After one month you are still having trouble with loose stools. You have a fear to pass gas or whether you could make it to the washroom Your Homeopath adds Aloe 30 CH. After another month you have no diarrhea and are surprised at how well you feel. Your energy is good and you feel less stress due to your improved digestion. Lactose intolerance is a disorder which results in the inability to digest lactose which is milk sugar."
- Heather Caruso, Your Drug-Free Guide to Digestive Health (Get the book.)

"Protein metabolism is especially taxing on the liver since it is the liver which must metabolize complex proteins into simple compounds. The greater the consumption of ptotein, the greater the stress on the liver. • Too many simple carbohydrates in the diet. The body converts excess simple catbohydrates into triglycerides, which are then stored in the liver as fat. The more fat stored in the liver, the harder it is for the liver to petform its full range of normal functions. • Overeating. Too much enzyme deficient food stresses the liver. • Drug residues."
- Jon Barron, Lessons from The Miracle Doctors: A Step-by-Step Guide to Optimum Health and Relief from Catastrophic Illness (Get the book.)

"If you forgo nutrition bars that are made with sugars, stop using sugars and white-flour products (which your body reacts to like sugar), and eat complex carbohydrates (like beans or whole grains) to achieve the diet's balancing process, you can avoid the problem with your beta-endorphin. Now things are getting better. You have improved two of the factors creating your Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde syndrome. Take a look at the next chart."
- Kathleen DesMaisons, Potatoes Not Prozac: Solutions for Sugar Sensitivity (Get the book.)

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