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"OTHER SYMPTOMS RELIEVED Fasting has enabled many women to conceive after years of sterility, says this doctor. Many of these women gave a history of menstrual irregularities, profuse flow, severe cramps, clots, soreness of the breasts and similar symptoms that indicate endocrine gland imbalance, inflammation of the ovaries or womb and nervous difficulties. Others gave a history of metritis (inflammation of the uterus) with a more or less chronic vaginal discharge, which is highly acid and destroys sperm."

- Ben Davis, Rapid Healing Foods(Get the book.)

"For example, although the specific mode of action is not yet known, Kelp has been conclusively proven to prevent breast cancer in women (especially Japanese women for whom Kelp is viewed as a food, not as a medicinal food) (3-7). Ways that Kelp could prevent cancer and reduce the risks of poisoning from many sources of environmental pollution can be listed as follows: 1. By providing a source of nondigestible fiber (8) it increases fecal bulk: for example, alginate powder has been used successfully, without irritation or side-effects, to treat constipation in humans (9); 2."
- Daniel B. Mowrey, Ph.D., The Scientific Validation of Herbal Medicine: How to Remedy and Prevent Disease with Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals and Other Nutrients (Get the book.)

"He further referred to a more recent study that he said indicates mammography might cause harm to premenopausal women even though scientists call the unpublished and incomplete study inconclusive and insist that it is unethical and invalid to disseminate such information. The benefits of mammography in both pre-and postmenopausal women have been borne out in long-term studies. Even with the older technology of the '60s and '70s mammography has been shown to reduce breast cancer mortality in a substantial way."
- Samuel S. Epstein, M.D., The Politics of Cancer Revisited (Get the book.)

"Vaginitis, urethritis, leucorrhea, cystitis, and genital pruritis (external itching of the vagina), in women of strong constitution and good digestion. Tang Kuei Eight Herbs Combination Tang kuei, cnidium, smilax, akebia, hoelen, lonicera, citrus, rhubarb. Considered effective for women of a delicate constitution with subacute or chronic leucorrhea accompanied by moderate inflammation and congestion. Bupleurum and Peony Combination Bupleurum, peony, tang kuei, white atractylodes, hoelen, licorice, moutan, gardenia, ginger, mentha. Menopausal disorders and menstrual irregularities."
- Richard Lucas, Secrets of the Chinese Herbalists (Get the book.)

"The sisters are an ideal study group because many of the variables that make studies like this difficult are eliminated or minimized in this tightly knit group of women. The sisters all have the same marital and reproductive histories. They engage in similar social activities and occupations, and their incomes and socioeconomic status are about the same. They have comparable diets, and none of them smoke or drink alcohol. All have access to the same medical services. Dr. Snowdon's studies are concerned with how these women age, and particularly how their brains age."
- Dr. Julian Whitaker, The Memory Solution (Get the book.)

"A study evaluated the medical history of 454 healthy women born between 1900 and 1915 and compared the health outcomes of those who started estrogen supplementation and those who did not. About half the group used estrogen for at least a year starting in 1969. Among those women who did not use ERT, there were 87 deaths from all causes compared to 53 deaths among the estrogen users—a 46 percent lower overall mortality rate."
- Ronald Klatz and Robert Goldman, Stopping the Clock: Longevity for the New Millenium (Get the book.)

"Skin tends to become dryer, hair grows more brittle, pubic and underarm hair becomes more sparse. Some women experience a loss in libido; others suffer "adolescent" mood swings. In addition, although women are still menstruating, hormonal fluctuations often play havoc with their systems, especially before and during their periods. Endocrinologist Dr. Lila Nachti-gall of New York University explains that falling estrogen levels cause the hypothalamus to send out ever more signals to incite the ovaries to produce more estrogen."

- Ronald Klatz and Robert Goldman, Stopping the Clock: Longevity for the New Millenium (Get the book.)

"Williams cites the work of British physician Ka-tharina Dalton, who in the early 1950s identified premenstrual syndrome (PMS), the bundle of symptoms that plague many women three to ten days before their periods. Dr. Dalton found that progesterone supplements helped alleviate her own menstrual migraines, and went on to develop progesterone-based treatments that helped thousands of women with PMS. Ideally, both estrogen and progesterone levels will rise from the time of ovulation until just before the menstrual flow begins."

- Ronald Klatz and Robert Goldman, Stopping the Clock: Longevity for the New Millenium (Get the book.)

"Some scientists speculate that women's larger pineal gland is another reason why women age more slowly than men, and it may be why they live longer.) But what if we could somehow raise our levels of melatonin after they start to fall? What if, at age 45, we could duplicate the levels of melatonin that we had in our youth? We would in effect be "tricking" our bodies into believing that they were still young. The pineal gland would continue to give orders appropriate to a young body, calling for higher levels of sex hormone, a well-functioning immune system, and so on."

- Ronald Klatz and Robert Goldman, Stopping the Clock: Longevity for the New Millenium (Get the book.)

"He classified people as extroverts and introverts, put forth a theory of the feminine principle in men (the anima) and the masculine principle in women (the animus), and argued that people share a collective unconscious, made up of symbols called archetypes. kangaroo court A court that ignores principles of justice; a court characterized by incompetence and dishonesty. Carl Jung Kinsey, Alfred An American scientist of the twentieth century who investigated the sexual behavior of men and women."
- E. D. Hirsch, The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy (Get the book.)

"A movement for granting women political, social, and economic equality with men. (See women's liberation movement.) fetish An object believed to carry a magical or spiritual force. Some so-called primitive tribes practice cult worship of fetishes. (See animism and totem-ism.) fa Figuratively, a "fetish" is any object that arouses excessive devotion: "Hauser made a fetish of his Porsche." fornication Sexual intercourse between two persons who are not married to each other. forte (FAWRT, FOHRT, FAWR-tay) A person's strong point."

- E. D. Hirsch, The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy (Get the book.)

"Don Juan (don WAHN, don HWAHN, don JOOH-uhn) An obsessive and unscrupulous pursuer of women: "He charms all the secretaries; he is the Don Juan of the office." From the legendary nobleman who seduced hundreds of women and was eventually damned for his immoral ways. This nobleman is the subject of many works of music, literature, and art, among them Mozart's Don Giovanni and Byron's Don Juan. down in the dumps In a gloomy or depressed mood: "After losing the student election, Jack really felt down in the dumps."

- E. D. Hirsch, The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy (Get the book.)

"Three years later, the researchers found a definite increase in bone density in the supplemented women. Another group of women, the same age, had lost a substantial amount of bone during that same time. Their bones, like themselves, had simply grown three years older. Finally, in 1982, the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research came out with some concrete dietary advice for preventing osteoporosis."
- Mark Bricklin, The Practical Encyclopedia of Natural Healing (Get the book.)

"Other doctors have pointed out that birth control pills have been associated both with low levels of Bblood of women taking them, and with an increase in platelet aggregability. women on the Pill, not surprisingly, have an increased risk of developing blood clots and atherosclerosis. Another unusual aspect of B6 and circulation involves the effects of the drug disulfiram, which is commonly used in the treatment of alcoholics. If a person on disulfiram takes a drink, the drug causes him to have a throbbing headache. That, of course, discourages him from drinking."

- Mark Bricklin, The Practical Encyclopedia of Natural Healing (Get the book.)

"It so happened that two of their patients, both women, suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, but while they were fasting, they said they felt "wonderful." The doctors then put them on a diet very low in fats, introducing a few foods at a time. After just days on the diet, the women noticed that their arthritis had cleared up completely. When they ate chicken or meat, though, the arthritis flared up again. Drs. Lucas and Power were intrigued by the phenomenon. At first, they suspected that meat was the connection. Buf soon it became evident that the culprit was fat."

- Mark Bricklin, The Practical Encyclopedia of Natural Healing (Get the book.)

"I hope many more women will benefit from the use of Chinese Dong Quai as I have. For over two years I suffered the misery and inconvenience of severe menstrual cramps and premenstrual tension. Since taking Dong Quai, my last three periods have been normal and my emotions more balanced. You cannot imagine what a blessed relief this has been for me."—RJ. • "In my opinion hot flashes have upset more women's lives than bad marriages. I found the condition not only miserable to endure, but terribly embarrassing as well."
- Richard Lucas, Secrets of the Chinese Herbalists (Get the book.)

"Most had tried many different diets: low-calorie diets, low-carb diets, Weight Watchers, the cabbage-soup diet, and just about everything else. Like most people, they had found these diets tough to follow, and whatever weight they lost soon returned. Our approach was very different. It did not include calorie counting, limits on portions or carbohydrates, or even an exercise prescription. For research purposes, we wanted to isolate the effects of diet. The participants lost weight easily, averaging about 1 pound per week—week after week after week."
- Neal D. Barnard and Bryanna Clark Grogan, Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes: The Scientifically Proven System for Reversing Diabetes Without Drugs (Get the book.)

"In Japan, for example, breast cancer rates are about one quarter of what they are in the United States, but when Japanese women emigrate to North America and start eating a high-fat diet, they and their daughters start to contract breast cancer at the same rate as American women. They argue that more attention should be paid to the prevention of cancer through environmental cleanup and more healthful living. My own sense is that preventing cancer by building a perfect world is not really a viable option, at least for the short term."
- James Trefil, 101 Things You Don't Know About Science And No One Else Does Either (Get the book.)

"Those who consumed the most vitamin K were only 70 percent as likely to have broken a hip as women in the group that took in the least amount of this important vitamin. More impressive was the observation of lettuce consumption. women who ate vitamin K-rich lettuce at least once a day were 45 percent less likely to have a hip fracture than those who ate the same food once a week or less. Consuming less than 109 micrograms of vitamin K resulted in bone thinning, but more than 109 micrograms did not add any more protection against hip fracture."
- James Braly M.D. and Ron Hoggan M.A., Dangerous Grains: Why Gluten Cereal Grains May Be Hazardous To Your Health (Get the book.)

"Calcium Supplementation Calcium supplements are taken by individuals who are unable to get enough calcium in their regular diet or who have a need for more calcium, such as growing children, postmenopausal women, the elderly, pregnant or breast-feeding women, and many celiacs. Supplements are used to prevent or treat several conditions that may cause hypocalcemia (not enough calcium in the blood). The body needs calcium to make strong bones. Calcium is also needed for the heart, muscles, and nervous system to work properly."

- James Braly M.D. and Ron Hoggan M.A., Dangerous Grains: Why Gluten Cereal Grains May Be Hazardous To Your Health (Get the book.)

"All postmenopausal osteoporotic women unresponsive to conventional therapies. 8. All epileptics with histories of migraines, ADHD, and/or calcium deposits in brain tissue. 9. All individuals suffering from chronic severe headaches unresponsive to conventional medical intervention, especially those with associated complaints of dizziness or imbalance. continued 10. All patients with iron deficiency or iron deficiency anemia of unknown cause. 11. All pregnant women, especially those with a history of infertility, miscarriage, low birth weights, anemia, or other unfavorable pregnancy outcomes."

- James Braly M.D. and Ron Hoggan M.A., Dangerous Grains: Why Gluten Cereal Grains May Be Hazardous To Your Health (Get the book.)

"Italian obstetricians have recently found undetected celiac disease to be so common among women who have problem pregnancies that they are advocating that all pregnant women entering their clinics be routinely screened with blood tests. With today's scientific and archaeological advances, we now know many of the diseases that accompany the shift to high cereal consumption. Those populations exposed to gluten within the last few centuries are demonstrating the devastating impact of adoption of these grains into the human diet."

- James Braly M.D. and Ron Hoggan M.A., Dangerous Grains: Why Gluten Cereal Grains May Be Hazardous To Your Health (Get the book.)

"The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends no more than two drinks per day for adult men and no more than one drink per day for adult women. This recommendation is also mentioned in the American Diabetic Association guidelines and considered acceptable for most people with type 2 diabetes. One drink is generally defined as a 5-ounce (155 mL) glass of wine, 1.5 ounces (45 mL) of distilled spirits, or 12 ounces (375 mL) of beer. Complete alcohol avoidance is advised for pregnant women and for people with certain medical conditions, such as pancreatitis or liver disease."
- Brenda Davis and Tom Barnard, Defeating Diabetes (Get the book.)

"A body fat level greater than 17 percent in men and 27 percent in women indicates overweight, while a body fat level of greater than 25 percent in men and 31 percent in women indicates obesity. Unfortunately, getting accurate body fat measurements can be difficult and costly. Thus, a simple tool called body mass index (BMI) is commonly used for estimating total body "fatness."

- Brenda Davis and Tom Barnard, Defeating Diabetes (Get the book.)

"Risk for diabetes in these women, based on their BMI, was compared to those with a BMI of less than 22. The results were astonishing (see table 4.2 below). I PI BMI Increase in Risk of Type 2 Diabetes Risk of type 2 diabetes in women relative to those with BMIs of less than 22 BMI RISK 25-26.9 8.1 times higher 27-28.9 5.8 times higher 29-30.9 27.6 times higher 31-32.9 40.3 times higher 33-34.9 54.0 times higher 35+ 93.2 times higher from Colditz, G. A., et al. In addition to weight, the distribution of body fat plays an important role in predicting your risk of diabetes."

- Brenda Davis and Tom Barnard, Defeating Diabetes (Get the book.)

"Who is more likely to suffer from a herniated disc, men or women? A: Men. Men, for whatever reason, are also more likely than women to undergo surgery for back conditions of equal severity. Q What is sciatica? A: Sciatica is pain caused from irritation or pressure on the sciatic nerve. Sciatica usually starts in your lower back and travels along the course of the sciatic nerve through your buttocks and the back of your leg to your foot. The pain is usually sharp and intense and can be an electric type shooting pain."
- James H. Wheeler and James A. Peterson, Doctors Guide to Back Pain Relief: The Goodbye Back and Neck Pain Handbook (Get the book.)

"Although the use of tampons causes no trouble for most women, some women cannot use tampons of any kind because they cause back pain. If you're experiencing back pain during your menstrual period, you should consider switching to sanitary napkins. Each individual's level of sensitivity to intrauterine devices (e.g., tampons, diaphragms, IUDs) is different. If you're suffering from low back pain during your menstrual period, you should check out every possibility. Pregnancy Pregnancy more often than not causes back pain in expectant mothers as they approach the end of their term."

- James H. Wheeler and James A. Peterson, Doctors Guide to Back Pain Relief: The Goodbye Back and Neck Pain Handbook (Get the book.)

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