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Dr. Earl Mindell's Unsafe at Any Meal: How to Avoid Hidden Toxins in Your Food

Earl Mindell and Hester Mundis (See book keywords and concepts)

Has been found to be a factor in female infertility, menstrual disorders, toxemia, and various forms of cancer ?Can delay wound healing, lower resistance to infection, and generally undermine the body's immune system 86. There's Nothing Bright About Artificial Colors Artificial coal tar-based (azo) dyes have been used extensively as colorings in snack foods and confections for years, though not without objection. Seventeen have finally been banned, delisted, and deemed hazardous by the FDA, but a tenacious seven—FD&C Red No. 3, Blue No. 1, Blue No. 2, Green No. 3, Yellow No. 5, Yellow No.

Fresh hope with new cancer treatments: Over twenty natural methods for prevention, treatment, and control of cancer

Maurice Finkel (See book keywords and concepts)

Many childhood diseases are due to toxemia, a kind of garbage upon which bacteria feed. The bacteria are not the cause of the disease, the wastes are. To rid the body of bacteria does not get to the root of the problem when it is the wastes that must be eliminated. Children who go through stages involving mucus discharge, skin rash, nausea, vomiting and fever are likely to be toxic, and their livers are not able to handle the load placed upon them. The body tries to rid itself of these wastes by way of any direction open to it, the lungs, the skin, the mouth and nasal area.

Removing the uterus does not change the basic toxemia except that it removes an outlet for the toxins that now must escape by way of another route. The same thing happens when the menopause occurs. The escape route for toxins is blocked and a wide variety of new ailments now arise. These include hot flushes, nervous breakdown, headaches, arthritis, neuritis, mental diseases, alimentary problems, vaginal discharge, palpitations of the heart, and ultimately cancer. If the uterus is still present, the poisons still gravitate into this organ, setting it up for cancer.

Miracle Medicine Herbs (Reward Books)

Richard Melvin Lucas (See book keywords and concepts)

He recommends its use for cellular abscesses, carbuncles, and toxemia. Dr. W. H. Felter, a former therapeutic editor of the American Dispensatory7, also regarded echinacea as a natural blood antitoxin. He reported: "Echinacea is a remedy for autointoxication, and whenever the blood stream becomes slowly infected either from within or without the body. Elimination is imperfect, the body tissues become altered and there is developed within the fluids and tissues septic action with adynamia, resulting in boils, carbuncles, cellular tissue inflammations, abscesses and other systemic processes.

The Diabetes Cure : A Natural Plan That Can Slow, Stop, Even Cure Type 2 Diabetes

Dr. Vern Cherewatenko and Paul Perry (See book keywords and concepts)

History of toxemia. • Recurrent urinary tract infections. • Excess amniotic fluid. Being overweight appears to be a significant contributing factor; a pregnant woman who is overweight has a three in four chance of developing gestational diabetes. True gestational diabetes disappears after delivery. Women who have had gestational diabetes are at greater risk for developing type 2 diabetes five to fifteen years after pregnancy. A small number of women continue to have diabetes after delivery.

Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition

Paul Pitchford (See book keywords and concepts)

Also used as a remedy for dizziness, childhood malnourishment (especially in the form of tempeh and soy milk), skin eruptions, constipation, edema, excessive fluid retention and toxemia during pregnancy, and food poisoning. For the imbalances during pregnancy and for food poisoning, drink soybean juice (prepare as "aduki juice" above). Soybeans are a natural source of lecithin—a brain food. Unless well-cooked, soybeans inhibit the digestive enzyme trypsin, making them difficult to digest.

The New Encyclopedia of Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements and Herbs

Nicola Reavley (See book keywords and concepts)

Other causes of low blood sodium levels include kidney disorders, hormonal imbalance, lung cancers, lung infection, liver cirrhosis, toxemia of pregnancy and high blood glucose levels. Sources Foods high in sodium include yeast extract, bacon, smoked fish, salami, sauces, cornflakes, canned or boiled ham, biscuits, cheese, margarine and butter. Foods of animal and fish origin usually contain more sodium than whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

The New Holistic Health Handbook: Living Well in a New Age

Berkeley Holistic Health Center and Shepherd Bliss (See book keywords and concepts)

If certain toxins were ingested, their accumulation would be revealed; the change that the resultant toxemia causes in the iris tissue is different from that caused by tissue inflammation. Nervous disorders that arise from the cellular level can be observed in the iris, because the iris records changes in the cellular structure. Even some behavioral conditions have a predictable and characteristic effect on the body; anger is one. By incorporating the principles of Oriental medical philosophy with iridology and by integrating biochemical and nutritional concepts, Dr.

Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies

Richard Gerber, M.D. (See book keywords and concepts)

For instance, intravenous magnesium sulfate has long been given to pregnant women with toxemia in order to prevent seizures. Magnesium given in pharmacologic doses has the effect of decreasing neuromuscular excitability. Because it is a nutrient, magnesium is considered safer to give to pregnant women than anticonvulsant medications. Many holistic physicians, and now certain cardiologists, are beginning to catch on to other uses of magnesium. For instance, magnesium has recently been recognized to be of use in preventing abnormal heart rhythms during the acute phase of a heart attack.

Choices in Healing: Integrating the Best of Conventional and Complementary Approaches to Cancer

Michael Lerner (See book keywords and concepts)

If we don't allow them to accumulate in limited areas and form tumors, they will spread throughout the body, resulting in a total collapse of our vital functions and death by toxemia. Cancer is only the terminal stage in a long process. . . . Cancer is the body's last drastic effort to prolong life, even a few more months or years.26 In this line of reasoning, although not in all details, Kushi shares the company of many other practitioners of Eastern and Western nature-based healing systems.

The Complete Guide to Health and Nutrition

Gary Null (See book keywords and concepts)

Eclampsia is a form of toxemia. Toxins in the body and the retention of too much sodium produce edema and high blood pressure, as well as a serious whole-body state endangering both mother and fetus. Fiber can help by flushing more of these stagnant toxins from the system. Thus, this condition can be prevented in part or made less life-threatening. Summary You need 10 to 12 grams of fiber a day. Bran is one of the best natural sources, working most effectively as a blood fat reducer.

B6 along with magnesium, to be indicated as a factor in the "prevention of convulsions in patients with toxemia of pregnancy and treatment of convulsions of eclampsia." Dr. Ellis has found B6 useful in easing various distressful side effects of pregnancy, such as nausea and vomiting, cramps and pain in the limbs.34 He states that "all pregnant women should have at least 50 milligrams of B6 as a supplement throughout their pregnancies and many of them will require considerably more than that.

Disease Prevention and Treatment

The Life Extension Editorial Staff (See book keywords and concepts)

Echinacea often benefits a toxic headache with vertigo and a confused mental state when the condition is predisposed by toxemia. Kelp and algin appear important adjuncts to any cleansing program since they bind radioactive barium, cadmium and zinc in the gastrointestinal tract, hindering absorption. Kelp appears to reduce the risk of environmental poisoning by acting as a nondigestible fiber, increasing fecal bulk while enhancing the immune response. A factor found in kelp, sodium alginate, binds with radioactive strontium-90 in the intestines and carries it out of the body.

The Doctor's Complete Guide to Vitamins and Minerals

Dr. Mary Dan Eades (See book keywords and concepts)

L-methionine is effective in preventing nausea, and doctors use it to prevent toxemia in pregnancy. Recommendation: Take 1000 mg daily. Herbal remedies • Although there's no hard-core scientific evidence that it helps morning sickness, pregnant women claim that ginger eases their discomfort and nausea. Who can argue with experience? Drink 2 cups of ginger tea daily. • Peppermint is a stomach soother, but if you're going to use it, make a moderately weak tea and consume no more than 1 cup daily. It may trigger miscarriage in large amounts.

Your zinc levels decline throughout pregnancy, falling on average by 30%, and a deficiency of zinc can increase your risk of miscarriage, premature delivery, complicated labor, low-birthweight babies, and toxemia (high blood pressure) of pregnancy. Recommendation: Take a chelated zinc supplement, such as zinc aspartate or zinc picolinate, in a dose of 20 mg per day. Warning: Supplementation of zinc in its ionic form can create deficiencies of other minerals, such as copper, by competing with them for absorption rom the intestine.

Staying Healthy with Nutrition: The Complete Guide to Diet and Nutritional Medicine

Elson M. Haas, M.D. (See book keywords and concepts)

Serious problems can result from a major deficiency. toxemia of pregnancy, premature birth, and hemorrhage are all possible in addition to the anemia of the mother. The fetus could develop birth deformities, brain damage, or show poor growth as a child. It is very important to supplement folic acid during pregnancy.

Lark points out a number of other factors associated with an increased likelihood of PMS problems—these include women who are or have been married, do not exercise, have had children, experience side effects from birth control pills, have had a pregnancy complicated by toxemia, have a significant amount of emotional stress in their lives, or those whose nutritional habits lead to certain deficiencies or excesses.

However, hypertension is only one of the problems related to excess sodium; premenstrual problems may become more severe with too much salt, and toxemia of pregnancy is correlated with dietary sodium levels. Consumption of more than 12 grams a day of salt is not uncommon; to limit salt intake to about 5 grams per day, which provides about 2 grams of sodium. To reduce sodium intake, eat more potassium-rich fruits and vegetables, and prepare foods without adding salt prior to eating.

Encyclopedia of Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds for Healthful Living

Dr. Joseph M. Kadans, N.D. (See book keywords and concepts)

Calories: 29 Reported health benefits: Broccoli is an excellent food for reducing overweight (obesity) and for constipation, toxemia, neuritis, high blood pressure, and weak glands involved in digestion of foods. Preparation: After washing the broccoli, the thick heads may be split into two parts and the broccoli cooked with ends down and heads out of water for ten to twenty minutes, with the pot uncovered. After this period of time, all of the broccoli should be cooked under water for five minutes. Season with some herbs or spices when ready to serve.

Staying Healthy with Nutrition: The Complete Guide to Diet and Nutritional Medicine

Elson M. Haas, M.D. (See book keywords and concepts)

Studies have shown that there are increased levels of nickel in patients following heart attacks, burns, and strokes, and with toxemia of pregnancy. Whether this is a partial cause or, as is more likely, a result of tissue metabolism or represents some other function of nickel is not as yet known. Decreased levels of nickel have been seen in psoriasis, in cirrhosis of the liver, and with kidney disease, but it has not been shown that nickel treatment helps any of these conditions.

Encyclopedia of Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds for Healthful Living

Dr. Joseph M. Kadans, N.D. (See book keywords and concepts)

Calories: 29 Reported health benefits: Kohlrabi is an excellent blood cleanser and is recommended for those with toxemia and resulting poor complexions. It is also reported to be valuable for gums and teeth, for bone development, and for healthy nails. When there is kidney or bladder irritation, kohlrabi has been found to be very beneficial, especially when eaten raw. Preparation: Kohlrabi is very delicious eaten raw, either by itself or added to a salad.

Textbook of Natural Medicine 2nd Edition Volume 1

Michael T. Murray, ND (See book keywords and concepts)

Patients suffering from hepatitis, alcoholic liver disorders, carcinomas, chronic arthritis, hypothyroidism, toxemia of pregnancy, and excessive chemical exposure are commonly found to have a poorly functioning amino acid conjugation system. For example, using the benzoate clearance test (a measure of the rate at which the body detoxifies benzoate by conjugating it with glycine to form hippuric acid, which is excreted by the kidneys), the rate of clearance in those with liver disease is 50% of that in healthy adults.

Sam Biser's save your life collection: A Layman's course in curing last-stage diseases

Sam Biser (See book keywords and concepts)

Two categories; toxemia and lack of blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to the brain. Sometimes the body gets so toxic it just starts depositing this stuff in the brain the same way it would in any organ. Your blood, you know, dumps. BISER: / heard of one case there was a man who lived in an apartment for years and he was just nuts about mothballs, always wanted to kill all the moths. And you walked in there and itjust...... Herbalist: That's a killer. BISER: Well, now he's got Alzheimer's. Any relation? Herbalist: Yes. He just poisoned himself. Mothballs are classic poison.

Textbook of Natural Medicine 2nd Edition Volume 1

Michael T. Murray, ND (See book keywords and concepts)

Elevated levels are considered by natural health care doctors as an indicator of intestinal toxemia and overgrowth of anaerobic bacteria. PROCEDURE Detection of indicans depends upon its decomposition to indoxyl and subsequent oxidation to indigo blue. It is then concentrated into a layer of chloroform for easier measurement. Table 31.

Herbal Medicine, Healing and Cancer: A Comprehensive Program for Prevention and Treatment

Donald R. Yance, j r.,C.N., M.H., A.H.G., with Arlene Valentine (See book keywords and concepts)

These toxic substances, for example, the pesticide DDT, can reach toxic blood levels, cause toxemia to the blood and lymph system, and stress the nervous system. If you are going to fast, it is important that you be professionally guided by an experienced health care provider. Herbal Medicine, Healing, and Cancer Each tree, shrub, and herb, down even to the grasses and mosses, agreed to furnish a remedy for some one of the diseases named, and each said: I shall appear to help man when he calls upon me in his need.

Wild Indigo [Baptisia) The conditions calling for baptisia are those in which the vital powers are overwhelmed by toxemia and when a low-grade fever is present with a dark, purplish tongue. It has been a favorite remedy for sore throat and sore mouth, particularly in those cases where there is enfeebled capillary circulation and a tendency to ulceration. Baptisia is a specific with this symptomology. It also has a dynamic influence on the intestinal glands, and its actions are enhanced when combined with many other plant medicines. Baptisia is often combined with poke and thuja.

This can lead to constipation, bile backup, and toxemia. Also, many pain medications and some chemotherapies cause bowel sluggishness or constipation. A simple coffee enema can alleviate this condition. It can also alleviate the pain caused by cancer, particularly when there are tumors in the lower abdomen or pelvic area. Here are some general guidelines: • Take an enema three mornings in a row followed by a rest for four days. • Use 2 to 4 quarts of filtered or distilled water. • Use a plain water enema, an herbal enema, an acidophilus enema, or a coffee enema.

Hormone Deception

D. Lindsey Berkson (See book keywords and concepts)

Preeclampsia in Pregnancy Preeclampsia is a pregnancy problem in which toxemia occurs late in pregnancy, causing the expectant mom to develop complications like high blood pressure and severe fluid retention. One theory is that human retroviruses—part of our programming genes made by the body—go awry. According to researchers in Italy, endocrine-disrupting compounds may alter the normal genetic expression of human retroviruses and this may be one cause for preeclampsia as well as for a variety of other diseases.

Miracle Medicine Foods

Rex Adams (See book keywords and concepts)

This toxemia is responsible for the varying symptoms from which these patients suffer: headaches (migraine), dizziness, fatigue, capillary spasms, etc." Garlic kills germs of putrefaction to cleanse and purify the system. Garlic For Diarrhea! Dr. E. Roos, writing in Munchener Medizinische Wochenschrift, a German medical magazine, dated September 25,1925, tells how he used a garlic preparation with success in treating many intestinal ailments, mostly involving diarrhea. He states that garlic is effective three ways: it soothes, cleanses and reduces inflammation.

The Woman's Encyclopedia of Natural Healing

Dr. Gary Null (See book keywords and concepts)

Deficiencies of zinc during pregnancy can lead to growth retardation, toxemia, spontaneous abortions, prematurity, malformation, and complications during delivery. Studies have shown complications during pregnancy to be reduced by zinc supplementation. A. Favier, "The Role of Zinc in Reproduction: Hormonal Mechanisms," Biological Trace Element Research 32 (1992): 363-82. A study found that 48 infertile women had significantly lower copper concentrations than did controls. The authors suggest that low plasma copper concentrations can influence normal fertility in females. M. H. Soltan and D.

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