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Disease Prevention and Treatment

The Life Extension Editorial Staff (See book keywords and concepts)

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids may help to repair the myelin sheath required for proper neuron conduction. Suggested supplementation regimens include the daily ingestion of 6000 mg of perilla oil (providing 3300 mg of alpha-linolenic acid) and 5200 mg of borage oil (providing 1200 mg of gamma-linolenic acid [GLA]). Pregnenolone and DHEA DHEA is a hormone primarily made in the adrenal glands. Production peaks around the age of 25-30 and then drops by 85-90% by the age of 70.

The Practical Encyclopedia of Natural Healing

Mark Bricklin (See book keywords and concepts)

They are especially peculiar in light of the prevailing belief that MS is caused by changes or lesions occurring to the myelin sheath, the protective covering of the brain and spinal cord. Because of the lesions in this protective sheath, the nerve impulses are not properly transmitted. But if indeed this is the cause of MS, it is difficult to understand how remissions could come about, unless the lesions come and go, which does not seem to be the case.

Textbook of Natural Medicine 2nd Edition Volume 2

Michael T. Murray, ND (See book keywords and concepts)

In diabetes, excessive glycosylation also occurs with the proteins of the red blood cell, lens, and myelin sheath. Excessive non-enzymatic glycosylation has many adverse effects:25 • inactivation of enzymes • inhibition of regulatory molecule binding • cross-linking of glycosylated proteins • trapping of soluble proteins by glycosylated extracellular matrix • decreased susceptibility to proteolysis • abnormalities of nucleic acid function • altered macromolecular recognition • increased immunogenicity.

The Crazy Makers: How the Food Industry Is Destroying Our Brains and Harming Our Children

Carol Simontacchi (See book keywords and concepts)

What may happen, in the face of day-to-day, continuously high levels of sodium in the diet and the bloodstream, is that we experience a rype of acute hypernatremia—not enough to kill us or cause the myelin sheath to lose its integrity, but enough to keep our sodium potassium pump slightly dysregulated and throw off the electrical system of the brain. The first signs of excessive sodium are restlessness, lethargy, and irritability. Water is pulled from the brain cells, shrinking the cells. Remember that enzymes function only in the presence of water, so enzyme function can be impaired.

In rats, we understand high levels of serum sodium (called hypernatremia) lead to brain lesions, defects in the myelin sheath, neuron cell death, and dehydration of the brain tissue.43 We know that high levels of sodium in the form of sodium lactate are instrumental in triggering panic disorders in susceptible people, and it is probably the load of sodium in the sodium lactate molecule that triggers the panic attacks.

Low zinc levels can aggravate EFA deficiency and cause a reduction of the fatty acids in the myelin sheath. When a double deficiency in EFA and zinc occurs simultaneously, as when a soy-based formula is given, for example, there may be an even greater impairment in brain development and maturation.49 Just to revisit briefly the cholesterol issue in relation to soy-based formulas, there is no cholesterol in soy-based formulas; cholesterol is needed to form the structural base for much of the brain's architecture. The other essential fatty acids are inadequately supplied, as well.

Each one of those fat molecules that form the cell membrane and the myelin sheath, and perform many of the other functions needed for the brain, is derived from either the maternal or the infant diet. Where will the Infant formulas don't contain DHA, a deficiency that can alter not only neuron development but development of the retina in the eyes as well. An article in Pediatric Research stated that "the addition of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids such as DHA to infant formulas may be necessary for adequate neural DHA accretion and optimal neural development.

Corn and safflower oils provide most of our Omega-6 fatty acids, but it is Omega-3 fatty acids from docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) that are critical in the development of brain tissue, forming the very membrane that encases each of the ten trillion neurons in the brain and the myelin sheath that protects the dendrite and axon, and hastens nerve transmission.

Dangerous Grains: Why Gluten Cereal Grains May Be Hazardous To Your Health

James Braly M.D. and Ron Hoggan M.A. (See book keywords and concepts)

Further, they also report that antibodies from most IDDM patients will attack the myelin sheath on nerves. We anxiously await confirmation of these results and suspect that it is yet another point of convergence between gluten and these two autoimmune diseases. Type 2, Non-Insulin-Dependent Diabetes The current explosion of Type 2 diabetes among our young people points to an indirect result of our culture's gluten gluttony. Loading the diet with so much carbohydrate (dominated by cereal grains) leads to down-regulation of cellular insulin receptors.

Know Your Fats : The Complete Primer for Understanding the Nutrition of Fats, Oils and Cholesterol

Mary G. Enig (See book keywords and concepts)

Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) is a genetic peroxisomal disease that results in the accumulation of very long-chain fatty acids because the enzymes that normally break down these fatty acids are deficient in the cells. The myelin sheath in the brain deteriorates and the adrenal glands degenerate. A special oil made of erucic acid and oleic acid, which is called Lorenzo's oil, has been given as a supplement to the diet in an effort to treat this disorder. Alpha(a)-linolenic acid is the omega-3 (n-3) polyunsaturated fatty acid with 18 carbons and three double bonds.

Nature's Medicines : From Asthma to Weight Gain, from Colds to High Cholesterol -- The Most Powerful All-Natural Cures

Gale Maleskey (See book keywords and concepts)

Researchers used to think that since B12 was needed to put together the fatty acids that make up the myelin sheath, a fatty acid problem caused nerve damage. "Now it looks more like this, too, is a problem with high homocysteine levels," Dr. Pinto says. "Homocysteine seems to be directly toxic to nerve cells." This may partly explain the symptoms of B12 deficiency—numbness, tingling feet or hands, trouble walking, memory loss, and personality and mood changes. It doesn't explain everything, though, since only about one-third of B12-deficient people develop these symptoms, Dr. Allen says.

The Omega Solution: Unleash the Amazing, Scientifically Based Healing Power of Omega-3 & -6 Fatty Acids

Jonathan Goodman ND (See book keywords and concepts)

The severity of the illness depends on the extent of the damage to the myelin sheath. There are two main forms of MS. Some people experience a gradual worsening of their condition, with steady declines in muscle strength and coordination. Others will have periods of remission followed by relapses. Over time, the relapses generally get progressively worse. MS usually begins in the adult years. About two-thirds of cases occur in people between 20 and 40 years of age, and it's three times more likely to occur in women than in men. MS also appears to have a geographical bias.

Feed Your Body Right: Understanding Your Individual Body Chemistry for Proper Nutrition Without Guesswork

Lendon H. Smith, M.D. (See book keywords and concepts)

Particular molecules, such as octacosanal may actually build the myelin sheath around nerve cells. Fatty acid molecules are carbon chains or various lengths with a nonpolar methyl end (CH3) and a carboxyl (COOH) end, which is a weak acid. The fatty acids may be saturated because all the carbon atoms have all the outer rings filled with hydrogen atoms. These saturated fats are oxidized by the body to provide energy, calories, and heat, but they also serve as insulation under the skin and around organs, and as part of the structure of cell membranes.

Water Cures: Drugs Kill : How Water Cured Incurable Diseases

Fereydoon Batmanghelidj (See book keywords and concepts)

The MRI examinations showed the myelin sheath missing and plaque on the brain. My neurologist checked my medical history and said the first time the entire right side of my body went numb and tingly 18 years before was the beginning of my M.S. The first time I had an attack the doctor did all types of tests; he took spinal fluid to have tested but the hospital lost it. The numbness and tingling never completely stopped; you learn to live with it. I was out of work for six months that time. I went twelve years before I had another attack; this time the upper half of my body was affected.

The Super Anti-Oxidants: Why They Will Change the Face of Healthcare in the 21st Century

James F. Balch, M.D. (See book keywords and concepts)

In the diabetic, excessive glycosylation occurs with the proteins of the red blood cells, the lens of the eye, and the myelin sheath that surrounds the nerve cells of the nervous system. Glycosylation is not a good thing. Secondly, the diabetic produces a by-product of glucose metabolism called sorbitol. It is formed within the cell through the action of the enzyme aldose reductase. In the nondiabetic, sorbitol is formed but broken down readily into fructose, another simple sugar. This allows the sorbitol to be excreted from the cell.

Bottom Line's Prescription Alternatives

Earl L. Mindell, RPh, PhD with Virginia Hopkins, MA (See book keywords and concepts)

They are known to be an essential part of the Schwann cells that form the myelin sheath that protects nerves. Studies done with progesterone and pregnenolone on rats with spinal cord injuries showed that those given these steroid hormones had better recovery. One of progesterone's biggest roles in a woman's biochemistry is opposing or balancing estrogen in the uterus and probably elsewhere. While estrogen stimulates cell growth, progesterone signals cells to mature and differentiate. Women produce progesterone in their ovaries only when they ovulate.

The New Encyclopedia of Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements and Herbs

Nicola Reavley (See book keywords and concepts)

Brain and nervous system Vitamin B12 is involved in the manufacture of the myelin sheath, a fatty layer which insulates nerves. It is also essential in the formation of neurotransmitters. Blood cells The manufacture and normal functioning of blood cells requires vitamin B12. Genetic material Vitamin B12 is necessary for the production of nucleic acids, which make up DNA, the genetic material of the cell. Absorption and metabolism A compound known as intrinsic factor which is secreted by the cells lining the stomach is necessary for absorption of vitamin B12 from the small intestine.

Proteins commonly affected include those in red blood cells, the lens of the eye and the myelin sheath that surrounds nerve cells. Vitamins and minerals play an important part in protecting against these alterations in metabolism. Diabetes and diet It is vital for diabetics to maintain a desirable body weight and stabilize blood sugar and fat levels within a normal range in order to prevent or delay diabetic complications. The most important principle of diabetic diets is that they should be low in fat, especially saturated fat. They are also low in simple sugars and high in fiber.

Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies

Richard Gerber, M.D. (See book keywords and concepts)

One model suggests that an earlier viral infection causes some type of alteration in the myelin sheath of nerves, which later leads to a production of antibodies against both the altered and normal myelin surrounding the nerves. The result is a type of autoimmune destruction of myelin throughout the nervous system, which eventually interferes with nerve transmission. Scientists have referred to these types of latent virus-activated illnesses as "slow virus" infections. Most of the recognized slow viral diseases are related to dementia and disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system.

Bartram's Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine: The Definitive Guide

Thomas Bartram (See book keywords and concepts)

Antibodies produced during an infection may attack the myelin sheath of the nerves which weakens muscle control. Symptoms: muscle weakness. A hand may drop objects. Legs too weak for walking. Asks himself: "Will I ever walk again?" Pain is similar to banging a 'funnybone' - but never lets up. Treatment. Good nursing and family support. Agents that recoat the nerves. A warm bath helps relieve pains. Alternatives:- Tea: mix equal parts: Skullcap, Oats, Catmint. 1 heaped teaspoon to each cup boiling water; infuse 5 minutes. Dose: half-1 cup, freely.

The Complete Guide to Health and Nutrition

Gary Null (See book keywords and concepts)

ZINC FOR NEUROLOGICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS We have already discussed the significance of zinc deficiency in such serious degenerative diseases of the nervous system as multiple sclerosis (which involves degeneration of the nerve's fatty myelin sheath) and Wilson's disease (which causes cirrhosis of the liver, psychic disturbances, and muscular tremor, rigidity, and spasms). Another nervous system disorder in which zinc deficiency is sometimes implicated is epilepsy, which is manifested as cerebral seizures that may result in altered mental states and uncontrollable muscle spasms.

Disease Prevention and Treatment

The Life Extension Editorial Staff (See book keywords and concepts)

Some component of the myelin biochemistry is believed to be the immune target when some white blood cells (T cells) become sensitized to myelin and attack the myelin sheath. Scientists are narrowing the receptor sites of T cells that bind to the myelin. With the exact identification of these receptor sites, an effective immunosuppressant therapy may soon be available. Environment The geographic location of a young person can be a significant factor (2X) in the probability of MS occurring.

Research, moreover, indicates that pregnenolone: • Improves the ability to remember and retrieve information • Increases the ability to handle stress • Has a beneficial effect on the myelin sheath membranes, which protect the brain and nervous system • Helps to keep the nervous system on an even keel Testosterone As men enter their 40s, hormonal changes occur that often produce a noticeable effect on physical, sexual, and cognitive energy levels, as well as a loss of feeling of well being.

The Green Pharmacy: New Discoveries in Herbal Remedies for Common Diseases and Conditions from the World's Foremost Authority on Healing Herbs

James A. Duke, Ph.D. (See book keywords and concepts)

In this view, the immune system mistakes the myelin sheath for a threatening invader and attacks it. A third theory has also been proposed, but it has received scant attention from conventional medicine. It links MS to a high-fat diet. Its originator, Roy L. Swank, M.D., Ph.D., professor emeritus of neurology at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland and author of The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book, claims impressive results in treating MS with a low-fat elimination diet.

Disease Prevention and Treatment

The Life Extension Editorial Staff (See book keywords and concepts)

Demyelination is the loss of the myelin sheath of a netve or nerves.) A similar condition occurs with MS patients who have bowel dysfunction. Cognitive dysfunction occurs in about half of patients with MS. Fortunately, only about 10% of MS patients develop cognitive dysfunction severe enough to significantly impact daily life. Family members of MS patients are usually the first to notice changes in personality or changes in their daily routine. Cognitive dysfunction can range from not being able to find the right word in conversation to impaired reasoning ability.

The Green Pharmacy: New Discoveries in Herbal Remedies for Common Diseases and Conditions from the World's Foremost Authority on Healing Herbs

James A. Duke, Ph.D. (See book keywords and concepts)

In MS, the protective myelin sheath that covers the major nerves breaks down, causing minute electrical malfunctions within the nerves. People with MS may experience an enormous array of possible symptoms, from minor weakness to paralysis. In most, however, the symptoms come and go. After each attack, or exacerbation, some people return to normal, while others experience residual disability. Scientists are not sure what causes MS, but there are two major theories: MS often appears in clusters, leading some experts to theorize that a virus or viruslike microorganism is the culprit.

The Doctor's Complete Guide to Vitamins and Minerals

Dr. Mary Dan Eades (See book keywords and concepts)

Although we don't understand exactly how it works, vitamin B]2 also plays a crucial role in the production of the covering of nerves (called the myelin sheath, because the protein material itself is called myelin), and chronic deficiency of it will lead to severe and irreversible nerve damage. Interactions—Vitamin C in large amounts may interfere with your ability to absorb vitamin B12 from your food. If you supplement vitamin C to this degree (1000 mg or more with each meal), you should periodically ask your physician to check the level of vitamin B,2 in your blood.

The Natural Physician's Healing Therapies

Mark Stengler, N.D. (See book keywords and concepts)

Vitamin B12 works in tandem with folic acid for many biochemical processes such as cell division and formation of the myelin sheath (the covering of nerve cells). Many vitamin users refer to B12 as the energy vitamin. I have seen many patients with fatigue experience tremendous boosts of energy after receiving B12 injections. Other conditions that are alleviated by taking supplemental B[2 include asthma, depression, multiple sclerosis, shingles, and chronic fatigue. B12 is one of the critical nutrients to lower homocysteine, a substance that increases the risk of heart disease.

People with multiple sclerosis may suffer from a multitude of symptoms that range from visual changes to muscle weakness, all related to deterioration of the tissue (the myelin sheath) that covers the nerves. Dr. Roy Swank, a neurologist from Portland, Oregon, has proven that a diet rich in essential fatty acids and low in saturated fat is key to the successful treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS). Dr. Swank advocates that his patients with MS eat fish and supplement cod liver oil. For MS treatment, many practitioners find that flaxseed works as well as cod liver oil.

Natural Cures

Kevin Trudeau (See book keywords and concepts)

In MS, the protective myelin sheath that covers the major nerves breaks down, causing neuroelectrical malfunctions and an enormous array of possible symptoms, from minor weakness to paralysis. In most people with MS, the symptoms come and go. After each attack, or exacerbation, some people return to normal, while others experience residual disability. Scientists are not sure what causes MS, but there are two major theories: MS often appears in clusters, leading some experts to theorize that a virus or viruslike microorganism is the culprit. Others believe that MS is an autoimmune disease.

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