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The Practical Encyclopedia of Natural Healing

Mark Bricklin (See book keywords and concepts)

People with colds or sore throats are sniffing a soothing mixture of menthol, peach blossoms, wild roses, eucalyptus, mineral water and olive oil. Or for those who like their medicine straight, sea water mist. Yet, the Zone of Health is in no way out of the mainstream of Soviet medicine. On the contrary, a large labor organization has decreed that the Zone of Health should be spread throughout the country— and in fact similar clinics are being built now in various regions.

It has a peculiar effect in that it seems to cool at the same time that its mild irritant effect produces heat in the area to which it is applied. When eucalyptus, or any other herb, is used in the pure oil form, it is very concentrated, and a much smaller amount is needed than when you're using a simple infusion made from the whole herb. In my opinion, one of our most useful herbs is fennel seed, which comes to us from the Foeniculum vulgare, as a dried, ripe fruit. Our greatest problem is getting enough pure fennel from Asia Minor, where it is commercially cultivated for export.

The Fabric of Reality: The Science of Parallel Universes and Its Implications

David Deutsch (See book keywords and concepts)

There is no simple way of discovering the true nature of planets, given (say) a critique of the celestial-sphere theory and some additional observations, just as there is no simple way of designing the DNA of a koala bear, given the properties of eucalyptus trees. Evolution, or trial and error - especially the focused, purposeful form of trial and error called scientific discovery - are the only ways. For this reason, Popper has called his theory that knowledge can grow only by conjecture and refutation, in the manner of Figure 3.3, an evolutionary epistemology.

The Practical Encyclopedia of Natural Healing

Mark Bricklin (See book keywords and concepts)

Clove, wintergreen, eucalyptus and others are widely available. Other essential oils may be ordered for you. Such oils are ordinarily used in very small quantities, mixed with other materials. A small dab of oil of clove on a swab is an old but quite reliable way to numb the pain of a toothache. The pharmacist can also be of great help in providing ointments and salves to act as the base or vehicle for herbs you want to apply topically. If you talk to your pharmacist and tell him what you want to do, he will be able to make a number of useful suggestions.

The Enzyme Cure: How Plant Enzymes Can Help You Relieve 36 Health Problems

Lita Lee, Lisa Turner and Burton Goldberg (See book keywords and concepts)

Among them are coriander, cypress, dill, eucalyptus, fennel, geranium, ginger, rosemary, and ylang ylang. It is best to choose one or two essential oils to use at a time rather than all of them. Choose based on which odors most appeal to you or how they make you feel. Aromatherapy oils can be used in various ways: put 3-6 drops in bath water; use an aromatherapy diffuser to fill the air with the scent; apply 1-6 drops directly onto the feet (the skin of the feet absorbs oils quickly) or any area of concern; or dilute with massage oil by 15% to 30% and use in massage.

The Practical Encyclopedia of Natural Healing

Mark Bricklin (See book keywords and concepts)

One English brand, for instance, which is quite powerful, contains eucalyptus oil, cubeb (an extract of the berries, I presume), tincture of capsicum (an extract of red pepper in alcohol), extract of glycyrrhiza (licorice), and menthol (the essential oil derived from peppermint). All this is put together in some kind of sugar base, although they don't specify what kind. Many cough drops use honey instead of sugar. For coughs and colds, Levy recommends gargling frequently with a strong brew of elder blossoms and sage leaves and tops.

Herbs of Life: Health & Healing Using Western & Chinese Techniques

Lesley Tierra (See book keywords and concepts)

Oils which are warming and stimulating are made by adding pure essential oils such as cinnamon, thyme, cajeput, camphor, eucalyptus, peppermint, ginger or wintergreen to name a few. These herbal oils are generally used over specific areas where treatment is needed. The best oils to use are olive or sesame because these warm the skin and keep longer. A few other oils are nice to add in smaller amounts such as apricot, almond and avocado. Experiment with these oils until you find your favorite combination.

The twigs contain volatile oils which stimulate blood circulation, tannins that tighten and cleanse gum tissue and other nutrients, such as vitamin C, which maintain healthy gums. Bay, eucalyptus, oak, pine, fir and juniper all work well for this. Toothbrush 1. Locate an appropriate tree and pick a smooth twig. 2. Peel bark off with fingers. 3. Chew one end until bristly as a toothbrush. 4. Clean teeth and gums with this toothbrush. Amounts: Use about a 3" twig. Dose: There is no limit. This is great to use while hiking, or otherwise away from your normal toothbrush.

Possible Formulas The following are some of the possible essential oils which can be added to either plain or herb-extracted oil for liniment use: bay juniper birch mustard cajeput nutmeg camphor peppermint cayenne rosemary clove sage cinnamon thyme eucalyptus turpentine ginger wintergreen Herbs good for liniments include: bay marjoram bayberry myrrh cayenne oregano cumin sage chaparral thyme ginger wormwood lobelia tion: cardamom, comfrey,fenugreek, licorice, marsh-mallow, slippery elm, turmeric, astragalus, citrus, jujube dates, lycii berries and even ginseng.

Try equal parts: cinnamon, thyme, camphor, ca-jeput, eucalyptus, marjoram and olive oils. Combine and pour into a bottle for storage and ready use. Pastes An herbal paste is also called an electuary or herbal candy because it is mixed with sweeteners and tastes good. In fact, in East Indian Ayurvedic medicine, herbs are often administered powdered and mixed with a tittle honey as a carrier. Trikatu Trikatu is a traditional Ayurvedic (East Indian) formula composed of three spices: ginger, black pepper andpippli (Indian long pepper).

Eat To Beat Cancer: A Research Scientist Explains How You and Your Family Can Avoid Up to 90% of All Cancers

J. Robert Hatherill (See book keywords and concepts)

In pet bedding use eucalyptus, rosemary, and bay leaves to deter fleas. 6. Use supplements (garlic, sulfur, and zinc) that help repel fleas, such as the product Pet Guard? 7. In homes block the entry of ants with duct tape or petroleum jelly, or use Tanglefoot? 8. Pour boiling water down ant colonies and nests you want to destroy. 9. Wash ant-infested surfaces with soap and water to remove the chemical trails left by ants that lead them to food. 10. Baits such as Drax?Ant Kill Gel limits the exposure to humans, pets, and the environment.

The Alternative Medicine Handbook: The Complete Reference Guide to Alternative and Complementary Therapies

Barrie R Cassileth, Ph.D. (See book keywords and concepts)

The oils are named for the plant from which they are derived, such as lavender, rose, eucalyptus. They are highly concentrated: between fifty and several thousand pounds of plant material is required to make one pound of essential oil, depending on the plant. At least forty essential oils are used in aromatherapy. Each is categorized according to its effects on the body, mind, and diseases it is said to treat. Oils from various plants maybe used individually or in combinations. Aromatherapy is delivered to patients in several ways.

Zinc lozenges, echinacea, eucalyptus or peppermint oil in steam vaporizer, salt gargle, elderberry tea, herbs that calm coughs: Iceland moss, plantain leaves, slippery elm, chew clove of raw garlic as antibiotic. constipation Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily, eat more fiber, plantago seed, cascara, buckthorn bark, alfalfa sprouts and tablets. depression Hypericum (St. John's wort), yoga, tai chi, meditation, light therapy. diarrhea Dried blackberry, blueberry, or raspberry leaves, dried blueberry fruit, peppermint tea.

Don't Go Shopping for Hair-Care Products Without Me

Paula Begoun (See book keywords and concepts)

Botanical Nutrients Soyflower Shampoo, for Daily Use By All Hair Types ($7.50 for 8 ounces) is similar to the Botanical Nutrients Rose Hips & Aloe Shampoo above, and the same comments apply. © Botanical Nutrients Wheat Bran Patchouli Shampoo, for Dry Hair ($9 for 5 ounces) contains a plant tea of potentially problematic ingredients, even though they would be rinsed down the drain in short order. It's still a good shampoo for normal to dry hair types, although it can build up with repeated use.

The Practical Encyclopedia of Natural Healing

Mark Bricklin (See book keywords and concepts)

It contained eucalyptus, cayenne, althea root (marsh-mallow) and paraffin. Dr. Marsteller is a great believer in the use of onions as a home remedy. For colds, he suggests eating cooked onions or making onion sandwiches. For a fever, he advises slicing some raw onions and putting them on the chest or feet. "You can make a poultice for your chest, or use white socks and hold the onions against the soles of your feet. This is a very old remedy, but I still use it." Apple cider vinegar he regards as good for splashing on cuts or sprains. It also makes a great gargle, he says.

The Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants

Andrew Chevallier (See book keywords and concepts)

Lozenges containing eucalyptus Take for sore throats. Hi Capsules (to make, p. 291). For bronchitis, take a 200 mg capsule 3 times a day. Inhalation For colds, add 10 drops essential oil to boiling water (p. 296). i nil earner Q Essential oil (to use, p. 296). Use 5 drops diluted with 10 i oil as a chest or sinus rub. Infusion (to make, p. 290). Drink 1 cup 3 times a day for bronchitis. Tincture (to make, p. 291). For chest coughs, add lA tsp tincture to 100 ml water and take twice a day. Ephedra sinica (Ephedraceae) Ephedra.

Nontoxic, Natural and Earthwise

Debra Lynn Dadd (See book keywords and concepts)

Repellent with oils of pennyroyal, anise, citronella, cedarwood, and eucalyptus in an olive oil base. EcoSafe Skeeter Shooo (EcoSafe Products). Repellent for mosquitoes, fleas, and flies. Earth Herbs, EcoSafe Products. Edna's Insect Rejector (Edna's). Contains citronella, pennyroyal, and essential oils. The Ecology Box. Green Ban for People (Green Ban). Essential oils in a calendula-oil base. No harsh chemicals. Basically Natural, Baubiologie Hardware, Eco-Choice, InterNatural. Naturpath. Beat It!—a natural herbal insect repellent for humans and pets. No Common Scents. (No Common Scents).

The ABC Clinical Guide to Herbs

Mark Blumenthal (See book keywords and concepts)

Peppermint oil demonstrated significant analgesic effect with reduction in sensitivity to headache. Peppermint oil with eucalyptus oil had little influence on pain sensitivity but increased cognitive performance and had a muscle-relaxing and mentally relaxing effect. Warm et al.. Effects on R, C 40 minutes Repeated Peppermint- A statistical difference was found between groups 1991 signal n=36 college divided into 4 exposure time scented air exposed to air scented with fragrance of peppermint detectability students (men consecutive of 150 milli- vs. muguet- (p<0.05) or muguet (p<0.05) vs.

The effects of camphor, eucalyptus and menthol vapour on nasal resistance to airflow and nasal sensation. Acta Otolaryngol (Stockh) 1983;96(1-2):157-61. Carius W. Effect of pressurized extraction process on the release of active ingredients from tea derived remedies [dissertation], [in German]. Saarbriicken: Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultat der Universitat des Saarlandes; 1990. Carling L, Svedberg Le, Hulten S. Short-term treatment of the irritable bowel syndrome: a placebo-controlled trial of peppermint oil against hyoscyamine. Opuscula Medica 1989;34:55-7.

Further, pure compounds from herb-derived oils, although approved for OTC drug use, are not considered "herbal;" these include eucalyptol from eucalyptus leaf, menthol from peppermint leaf oil, and thymol from thyme leaf oil. f In May 2002, the FDA issued a regulation effective November, 2002, deeming aloe (Aloe ferox.A. spp.) and cascara sagrada (Rhamnus purshiana) as laxative ingredients not generally recognized as safe for use as ingredients in OTC drug products.

The complete Book of Water Healing - Using the Earth's most essential resource to cure illness, promote health, and soothe and restore body, mind, and spirit

Dian Dincin Buchman, Ph.D. (See book keywords and concepts)

Massage the area with herbal liniments or ointments, such as Olbas, eucalyptus, or wintergreen, which bring the blood to the surface. SOLE OF THE FOOT INJURY Common puncture wounds on the sole of the foot must always be checked by a doctor. Do not allow open wounds to become contaminated. Water Therapy Soak the foot daily in neutral salt water. Add tincture of St. John's wort or calendula tincture to water. Ledum tincture is also excellent. The wound should heal in 3 to 5 days. FRACTURES Fractures must be set by a professional.

Other herbal teas useful for the flu are slippery elm bark for cough, fever, and sore throat; eucalyptus for congestion and cough; horehound and cherry bark for cough. Sage tea will increase kidney function and help to expel quantities of extra fluid from the body. During the flu it is imperative to perspire freely, but not become chilled. Take hot detoxification baths, which should also induce sleep: half or full hot baths to relieve body aches and induce perspiration.

Other good ointments are Olbas ointment or anything containing eucalyptus or wintergreen. Dehydration greatly influences muscle fatigue and acid buildup in the muscles. If your back hurts, drink two glasses of water immediately. Another reason to drink water is to overcome and prevent constipation, a hidden cause of many chronic back pain attacks. Stand under a shower and alternate both hot and cold sprays to the area of back pain. Always end with a cool spray. If it isn't possible to take a shower, alternate hot and cold compresses to the painful area.

To create internal and surface circulation and heat, combine clay paste and tiny amounts of such counterirritant herbs as eucalyptus oil or juniper needle oil. An easy way to produce similar external heat is to combine clay and small quantities of Tiger Balm, an ointment containing five counterirritant herbs. Apply all of these in overnight poultices. NERVE INFLAMMATION (NEURITIS) Neuritis pain is insidious. Heat applications help. Do not use heating pads because of the danger of electromagnetic rays from these pads.

Heinerman's Encyclopedia of Healing Herbs and Spices

John Heinerman (See book keywords and concepts)

Other aboriginal uses for eucalyptus oil included treating stomach disorders, liver and bladder infections, wounds and sores, and (in tepid bath water) to relieve arthritis, lumbago, lower backache, and rheumatism. Calms Nasty Cough Stacy Chynoweth is a young high school student residing in the remote Southern Utah community of Henriville. He has been properly raised in a loving home by parents who've taught him and his younger sister well. On weekends and during the summer he works full-time on our family ranch in the wilderness about 17 miles from his home.

The complete Book of Water Healing - Using the Earth's most essential resource to cure illness, promote health, and soothe and restore body, mind, and spirit

Dian Dincin Buchman, Ph.D. (See book keywords and concepts)

Massage the abdomen with equal parts of these oils: fennel, melissa, and eucalyptus; or relieve the pain and spasm with this combination of oils massaged on the abdomen: chamomile oil (2 drops) and 1 drop each of fennel, peppermint, and caraway oil. This mixture can also be applied on a sanitary napkin. Nutrients that help painful periods in addition to calcium are vitamin E, iron, magnesium, and especially small amounts of vitamin B6 to discharge fluid and bloating.

Nontoxic, Natural and Earthwise

Debra Lynn Dadd (See book keywords and concepts)

Oils of eucalyptus, citronella, pennyroyal, and spearmint to repel fleas. Meadowbrook Herb Garden. Safer Flea Indoor Flea Guard (Safer). For carpet and pet bedding. All The Best, Eco-Choice, Harmony Farm Supply. Safer Flea Shampoo for Cats & Dogs (Safer). Pleasant scent. Harmony Farm Supply. Safer Flea Soap for Dogs and Cats (Safer). Kills fleas on contact and grooms your pet at the same time. Fresh natural scent. Safer Timed Release Indoor-Outdoor Pest Control (Safer). Contains microencapsulated pyrethrum. Harmony Farm Supply. Mountain Rose Herbs. Pennyroyal repellent oil.

The Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants

Andrew Chevallier (See book keywords and concepts)

Caution While the essential oil off;', smithii is less toxic than those of other eucalyptus species, it should nevertheless be used only according to label instructions or under the guidance of a professional practitioner. Eucommia ulmoides (Eucommiaceae ) Du Zhong (chinesf), gutta percha Description Deciduous tree growing to 70 ft (20 m). Has elliptical leaves, with male flowers in loose clusters, and solitary female flowers in the leaf axils. Habitat & Cultivation Du zhong grows in temperate zones in China. It is cultivated, but only in small amounts. Part Used Bark.

Dried eucalyptus leaves J Cornsilk (Zea mays, p. 152) is a remedy for problems affecting the urinary system. Slippery elm (Ulmus rubra, p. 144), soothes the mucous . membranes. Saw palmetto (Sabal serrulala, p. 127) has an antiseptic effect within I the urinary K tract. Saw palmetto tincture Saw palmetto -dried fruit Prickly ash bark Gravel root (Eupatorium purpureum, p. 206) is a traditional Native American remedy for urinary tract problems. Prickly ash (Zanthoxylum americanum, i. 151) is a warming remedy used to treat poor circulation.

The Aborigines, believed to have settled in Australia over 60,000 years ago, developed a sophisticated empirical understanding of indigenous plants, many of which, such as eucalyptus (Eucalpytus globulus, p. 94), are unique to Australia. While much of this knowledge has vanished with its keepers, there is currently a high level of interest in native herbal traditions. Aboriginal Herbal Medicine The Aborigines probably had more robust health than the early European settlers who displaced them.

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