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"This blend, which you can buy at most natural foods stores, includes 5 drops of lavender, 3 drops of chamomile, 2 drops of bergamot, and 2 drops of clary sage, combined together in 1 ounce of a carrier oil or lotion. You can use this blend in a bath, as a body lotion, or to keep in a small vial to sniff when you find yourself in a stressful situation. combining 3 to 4 grams of inositol with a high-potency B-complex supplement. SAMe Principal use: To reduce depression and pain (especially osteoarthritis)."
- Jack Challem, The Food-Mood Solution: All-Natural Ways to Banish Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Stress, Overeating, and Alcohol and Drug Problems--and Feel Good Again (Get the book.)

"Some take their dose in drops, but using drops is difficult and not consistent. Using a small syringe available from the pharmacy is my preferred method to measure it out. Sleep improves usually within days. Over months, as growth hormone levels normalize, the dose of Trans-d can gradually be reduced to one that is easier to manage and more affordable, about 0.3 ml twice daily. Typically, every two to three months the dose will gradually be lowered, at first to 0.4 ml three times daily, and later to 0.3 ml three times daily, and eventually to a maintenance dose of 0.3 ml twice daily."
- Phuli Cohan, The Natural Hormone Makeover: 10 Steps to Rejuvenate Your Health and Rediscover Your Inner Glow (Get the book.)

"She explains that for every 6,000 drops of water, one of those drops is "dead" water, or D20 instead of H20. Deuterium replaces the normal hydrogen in those water molecules. This toxic water can only be replaced by dry fasting. Food Combining Natalia Rose emphasizes that proper food combining allows food waste to quickly exit the body, thus conserving energy. Slow-exiting foods and poor food combinations drain your energy and enzymes and result in gas, bloating, fatigue and body odor."
- Susan E. Schenck, The Live Food Factor: The Comprehensive Guide to the Ultimate Diet for Body, Mind, Spirit & Planet (Get the book.)

"If one has a headache, they have a pill or some drops to help him get rid of it quickly. They are very good at that. But they don't ask what really causes his headache. They don't have pills or drops to really handle the cause of his headache, which perhaps could even be caused by toxicities. Perhaps he drank too much beer, wine or other alcohol. They just give us a little red or white pill to conceal our pains and the real reasons behind them. We feel free of pain and instead of changing our lifestyle or undergo a detoxification we just go on."
- Kenneth W Thomas, Ron Gilbert, Gerd Schaller, Side Effects: The Hidden Agenda of the Pharmaceutical Drug Cartel (Get the book.)

"Testosterone is also a wonderful brain-boosting hormone that improves mood, memory, motivation, and overall cognitive function. It drops significantly in women and men with age and has an enormous impact on quality of life." But it drops mostly because of weight gain, lack of exercise, stress, and high-sugar dietsónot because we are genetically designed to have less testosterone as we age. The biggest reason I see low testosterone in men is insulin resistance. High belly fat drives insulin up and testosterone down."
- Mark Hyman MD, The UltraMind Solution: Fix Your Broken Brain by Healing Your Body First (Get the book.)

"The usual dosage of Maitake D-fraction is 10 to 20 drops, three times a day. Your health professional may recommend a dosage as high as 68 drops daily and recommend that use be combined with whole maitake mushroom products. CONTRAINDICATIONS Its use is completely safe and nontoxic. In fact, the FDA authorized skipping the usual first-phase toxicity studies, allowing researchers to proceed directly to clinical trials, because earlier studies have shown Maitake D-fraction and maitake crude powder to be without toxicity or significant side effects."
- Freedom Press, Natural Cancer Cures: The Definitive Guide to Using Dietary Supplements to Fight and Prevent Cancer (Get the book.)

"Using a new pipette, the procedure was repeated for beaker B, placing the drops right below the drops from beaker A on each slide. drops were drawn every ten minutes for 60 minutes and allowed to dry on the slides. Each time solution was drawn from beaker A first. An effort was made to draw solution close to the submerged electrode without touching it or disrupting the solution. Slides were covered to minimize contamination and were allowed to dry at room temperature overnight before analysis. ?Beaker A (NaCl), Beaker B (NaCl) A similar circuit was set up, except with 15 mL of 0."
- Gary E. Schwartz and Linda G. S. Russek, The Living Energy Universe (Get the book.)

"They can be taken orally or used topically as nose drops or sprays. Oral decongestants relieve stuffy noses and promote drainage, but they do not affect itching or sneezing. Sometimes they cause mild side effects, particularly if they are taken orally, rather than used topically. Because they have a different action than antihistamines, many products combine the two medications as antihistamine/ decongestants."
- Kenneth Bock, Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies: The Groundbreaking Program for the 4-A Disorders (Get the book.)

"If your child has contacts, talk to your eye doctor about whether a few drops of Similasan's Dry Eye Relief will help prevent irritation and dryness. Chapter 9 Off to School I n giving your kids an optimally green environment at home, you've I also given them a huge head start on the rest of their lives. But what happens when your children go off to school and leave the universe that you've so carefully created? I believe that you can look upon this inevitable transition in two ways, as either an obstacle or an opportunity."
- Deirdre Imus, Growing Up Green: Baby and Child Care: Volume 2 in the Bestselling Green This! Series (Green This!) (Get the book.)

"Ask at your local health-food store for therapeutic-grade oils, and remember, a few drops go a long way. Certain oils, like frankincense, can also stimulate brain cells and help improve kids' powers of concentration. At the ranch last summer, right after the last Harry Potter book came out, all the kids wanted to stay up late reading. I diffused some frankincense oil in the kids' rooms and they read for hours! Several kids liked the frankincense so much that I sent them home with a diffuser and a bottle of oil."

- Deirdre Imus, Growing Up Green: Baby and Child Care: Volume 2 in the Bestselling Green This! Series (Green This!) (Get the book.)

"Add six to eight drops of your favorite essential oil to a small (6- or 8-ounce) spray bottle, fill with water, shake well, and squirt as needed. Again, there are countless oils to choose from. A lot of women like rose, which is a more expensive oil; for kids' rooms, grapefruit is a really popular choice. For more ideas, refer to my favorite book on essential oils, Dr. Young's Essential Oils Desk Reference. Treating Head Lice Roughly 6 to 12 million people in the United States are diagnosed with head lice each year, mostly children aged three to twelve years."

- Deirdre Imus, Growing Up Green: Baby and Child Care: Volume 2 in the Bestselling Green This! Series (Green This!) (Get the book.)

"A reasonable daily dosage is in the range of one to two drops, mixed in olive oil, or taken as capsules, depending upon the patient and circumstances. Capryllic acid. This fatty acid has been shown to be effective against viruses and bacteria. Some clinicians believe it is also an effective antifungal, and apply it against yeast overgrowth. A reasonable daily dosage is in the range of 800 to 1200 mg. per day, depending upon the patient and circumstances. Olive leaf extract This herbal extract is effective against a range of infectious conditions that are caused by viruses and bacteria."
- Kenneth Bock, Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies: The Groundbreaking Program for the 4-A Disorders (Get the book.)

"Hummus 3 cups cooked garbanzo beans (see chart) 1 -3 cloves of garlic (optional) 6 tablespoons lemon juice 2 tablespoons tahini or sesame oil 2 tablespoons dill weed, minced 1 tablespoon cumin seeds, ground 1 teaspoon salt 1 /8 teaspoon cayenne 5 drops stevia (optional) In a food processor combine all ingredients and process until desired texture. Serve with vegetable sticks, flax crackers, or on salads. Serves 2."
- Gabriel Cousens, There Is a Cure for Diabetes: The Tree of Life 21-Day+ Program (Get the book.)

"When the number of Lactobacilli drops, these bad microbes are allowed to grow. What increases the risk of developing bacterial vaginosis? Vaginal douching, stress and antibiotic use increase the risk of developing bacterial vaginosis. Treatment of bacterial vaginosis with antibiotics decreases the incidence of preterm labor, according to preliminary studies. Probiotics may be a safe alternative to antibiotics for treatment and they may even prevent bacterial vaginosis. Evidence suggests that Lactobacillus plays an important role in maintaining the health of the urinary and reproductive tract."
- Allison Tannis, Probiotic Rescue: How You can use Probiotics to Fight Cholesterol, Cancer, Superbugs, Digestive Complaints and More (Get the book.)

"As well, when a child is weaned from breast milk, his or her intake of probiotics drops. These two circumstances result in a decrease in intestinal probiotics and can allow bad microbes to enter the intestinal tract, colonize, cause inflammation and thus increase the potential for allergy development. Probiotics Help Fight Atopic Disease Studies support the use of probiotics in infants with atopic dermatitis as a means to reduce the symptoms of this painful condition. According to research from the University of Western Australia, probiotic supplementation with L."

- Allison Tannis, Probiotic Rescue: How You can use Probiotics to Fight Cholesterol, Cancer, Superbugs, Digestive Complaints and More (Get the book.)

"If you take vitamin C the night before open heart surgery, the risk of developing postoperative atrial fibrillation drops by more than half?from 33 percent to 14 percentócompared to someone who doesn't supplement. This conclusion is based on a Cleveland Clinic study in which individuals took 2,000 mg the night before surgery and then 500 mg twice a day during their postoperative recovery. Cigarette smoke destroys vitamin C in the body, one of the means by which smoking promotes cardiovascular disease."
- Stephen Sinatra, M.D. and James C., M.D. Roberts, Reverse Heart Disease Now: Stop Deadly Cardiovascular Plaque Before It's Too Late (Get the book.)

"Following the program's guidelines helps prevent the spikes and drops in blood sugar associated with consumption of refined carbohydrates. Stable blood sugar results in reduced cravings for sweets and little or no desire to binge eat. Together, these characteristics help promote weight loss. Diets that claim to reduce weight and protect the heart abound. They include the famous Atkins diet and the South Beach diet. Each has some virtue and obviously works to reduce weight. However, there are concerns."

- Stephen Sinatra, M.D. and James C., M.D. Roberts, Reverse Heart Disease Now: Stop Deadly Cardiovascular Plaque Before It's Too Late (Get the book.)

"Sister Lara goes to Weight Watchers, drops twenty pounds, and then gains it all back when her boyfriend jilts her. Uncle Ron follows the Zone Diet, although recently you noticed Heath Bar wrappers in his briefcase. And you gave up the afternoon scone, only to blow it all out after work on Fridays (and Thursdays and Wednesdays, too). Every single diet book and diet plan leads to the deprive-and -gorge approach, and so this is the most common strategy."
- Roger Gould, Shrink Yourself: Break Free from Emotional Eating Forever (Get the book.)

"Most green vegetables, even though their calories come primarily from starch, are still so low in starch, and so high in fiber, that they don't trigger blood sugar spikes, followed by drops. Grains often contribute to hypoglycemia, because they are high in starch, and are quickly digested. Hypoglycemic kids usually need to limit grains to only about two to three servings per day, or even less, and they should almost always be served as side dishes. When eaten as side dishes, with other slower-digested foods-high in proteins, fats, and oils-the grain foods are digested more slowly."
- Kenneth Bock, Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies: The Groundbreaking Program for the 4-A Disorders (Get the book.)

"Below a vitamin D level of 20 nanograms per milliliter, this efficiency drops by 50 percent. But in studies of diverse populations, researchers find that average vitamin D levels lie between these two numbers. Raising your D levels may conservatively decrease your calcium needs by 25 to 50 percent, depending on how deficient you are. Remember, too, that a diet with acid excess and lots of salt makes you lose calcium in your urine. This kind of loss can amount to 100 milligrams of calcium per day."
- James Dowd and Diane Stafford, The Vitamin D Cure (Get the book.)

"Five or six hours later, your body temperature drops. So working out after work or before dinner is an ideal way to get your body ready for bed. A lazy way to get that same benefit is soaking in a hot bath. It has to be really hot, at least 102 degrees. When you use passive body heating, the drop in body temperature occurs just about three hours later. "A lot of people intuitively know that stressful experiences during the evening can disturb nighttime sleep and research has confirmed that."
- Gary Null and Amy McDonald, The Food-Mood Connection: Nutrition-based and Environmental Approaches to Mental Health and Physical Wellbeing (Get the book.)

"If the concentration of helper T-cells drops, our bodies are less able to fend off other diseases like pneumonia. That's why the "I" and "D" in AIDS stand for Immune Deficiency; as AIDS patients lose their T-cells and their immunity to disease drops, they are more susceptible to the kinds of invading organismsóopportunistic infectionsóthat healthy immune systems easily fend off. Studies like those conducted by Dr."
- Dawson Church, The Genie in Your Genes: Epigenetic Medicine and the New Biology of Intention (Get the book.)

"The usual pattern with a disordered substance is that it will respond to the magnetic field for a time and then plateau and tail off, as the temperature drops or the magnetic field reaches a point of magnetic saturation. The atoms will no longer be able to flip in the same direction as that of the magnetic field and so will begin to slow down. In Sai's first experiments, the atoms in the lithium holmium yttrium salt, as predicted, grew wildly excited with the application of the magnetic field. But then, as Sai increased the field, something strange began to happen."
- Lynne McTaggart, The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World (Get the book.)

"During sleep, by contrast, metabolism drops by only 10 to 15 percent; even experienced meditators can decrease it by only 17 percent, at best. But that day in the Himalayas, he had observed the impossible in terms of mental influence. The monks had used their bodies to boil freezing water simply through the power of their thoughts.2 Benson's enduring enthusiasm for meditation ignited interest at major academic institutions across America. By the turn of the twenty-first century, monks had become the favorite guinea pigs of the neuroscience laboratory."

- Lynne McTaggart, The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World (Get the book.)

"As soon as their talk turned to Jesus Christ, red spots and drops of blood appeared on the backs of each of Amiden's hands and on his palms and forehead.65 A similar situation occurred during the three weeks before Easter Sunday with a young African-American Baptist girl who had been profoundly moved by a television movie about the crucifixion and was preoccupied with Christ's suffering. She bled on the palm of her left hand two to six times a day.66 Krippner knew of three Anglicans who regularly developed stigmata."

- Lynne McTaggart, The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World (Get the book.)

"If you vision "drops back," just get back into the routine of "pushing print" with a plus lens. Those who choose the Power Vision System could notice no improvement in their visual functioning after two to three weeks of correct training and then suddenly see the benefits. During the periods of apparent "stalemate," in fact, our eyes are accumulating all the positive and beneficial stimuli that give positive results. Until you notice the positive results of clear visionóbetter focusing until you experience flashes of extremely clear vision?"
- David De Angelis, The Secret of Perfect Vision: How You Can Prevent and Reverse Nearsightedness (Get the book.)

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