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"Family and friends should be especially vigilant during the first few weeks of treatment and whenever your dosage is changed. • Stopping some antidepressants suddenly can be difficult. Switching to a longer-acting medication like fluoxetine and then gradually tapering the dose may overcome the withdrawal symptoms. This should be carefully supervised by a knowledgeable physician. •Alternative therapies such as exercise, light therapy, fish oil, and St. John's wort may be helpful."

- Joe Graedon, M.S. and Teresa Graedon, Ph.D., Best Choices From the People's Pharmacy(Get the book.)

"Since they use four different lots for each test, that represents about 300 to 400 "finished dosage forms" per year. My husband has been taking Prilosec for several years. Recently our local pharmacy substituted the generic form, omeprazole. He experienced itching on the palms of his hands and developed large raised red patches on his upper arms, thighs, groin, and trunk within a day of taking the generic drug. The reaction went away after he stopped the omeprazole and resumed the Prilosec. We came away from our conversations with the FDA frustrated and confused."

- Joe Graedon, M.S. and Teresa Graedon, Ph.D., Best Choices From the People's Pharmacy(Get the book.)

"No mention is made in Harris' file about the dosage of Zoloft, but apparently, the mind-altering drug was not working and Harris' mental-health professional decided to switch to another SSRI antidepressant, Luvox. Luvox, the second mind-altering drug Harris was prescribed, is manufactured by Solvay Pharmaceuticals Inc., and although today is available in countries around the world, the drug was pulled from the U.S. market in 2002 because of "FDA Exclusivity Expiration."
- Kelly Patricia O'Meara, Psyched Out: How Psychiatry Sells Mental Illness and Pushes Pills That Kill (Get the book.)

"For this reason, the proper dosage for the individual should be determined and respected. Studies indicate that Chinese wolfberry may be able to boost testosterone levels.47 Oats, which have traditionally been used as an energy and nerve tonic, may be useful for boosting levels of male hormones. As an accompaniment to andropause treatment, Dr. Whitaker generally suggests taking the herb saw palmetto (120 to 360 mg daily). Homeopathic Remedies "The first step in andropause treatment is to balance and correct the hormone deficiencies," says endocrinologist Gary Ross, MD."
- Herbert Ross, DC with Keri Brenner, L.Ac., Alternative Medicine Magazine's Definitive Guide to Sleep Disorders: 7 Smart Ways to Help You Get a Good Night's Rest (Get the book.)

"Since there are many ways in which the dosage can be inadvertently increased, overdosage is a very real concern. A long list of drugs can slow clearance of the drugs from the body or increase the effects of the drugs. People taking this medication need to be very alert to what they are eating and drinking. The early symptoms of an overdosage are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, and loss of appetite. Other symptoms include headache, weakness, fatigue, sleepiness, confusion, restlessness, visual disturbances such as blurred vision, depression, skin rash, hives, and irregular heartbeat."
- Earl L. Mindell, RPh, PhD with Virginia Hopkins, MA, Bottom Line's Prescription Alternatives (Get the book.)

"In another study, one standard dosage of indo-methacin given at 6 p.m. completely suppressed normal nocturnal secretion of melatonin.38 Acetaminophen, a non-NSAID painkiller, does not appear to significantly interfere with melatonin production, but research indicates that it does have a slight adverse effect on sleep.39 Two commonly prescribed types of heart drugs—beta-blockers and calcium-channel blockers—also impair melatonin production. Beta-blockers are often used to treat heart problems such as high blood pressure, angina, and arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythms)."
- Herbert Ross, DC with Keri Brenner, L.Ac., Alternative Medicine Magazine's Definitive Guide to Sleep Disorders: 7 Smart Ways to Help You Get a Good Night's Rest (Get the book.)

"When taking an increased dosage of an isolated B vitamin, be sure to supplement with B complex. ¦ When taking supplements, be sure to drink adequate amounts of liquid to mix with digestive juices and prevent side effects Reprinted by permission from Jeffrey Bland to eat "complete protein" at any given meal. The body can utilize amino acids consumed at different meals to make proteins. That said, vegetarians who eat a poor diet or only a limited variety of foods should take an amino acid complex supplement. L-tryptophan is considered the most important amino acid for sleeping problems."

- Herbert Ross, DC with Keri Brenner, L.Ac., Alternative Medicine Magazine's Definitive Guide to Sleep Disorders: 7 Smart Ways to Help You Get a Good Night's Rest (Get the book.)

"In endocrinology and immunology research, however, responses are not always consistent with dosage. A small amount of a hormone, for example, can cause a woman to ovulate, while a larger dose can make her infertile. 5. When other excuses failed, Monsanto claimed that with such a large study, one would expect lots of results to fall into the statistically significant category purely by chance. But Monsanto inflated the total number of results by doing a lot of irrelevant statistical tests. According to epidemiologist Judy Carman, this may hide significant results. "
- Jeffrey M. Smith, Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods (Get the book.)

"The determination of legally acceptable levels of herbicide residues on food was based on a linear model, where the effect of toxic chemicals was thought to be consistent and proportional with its dosage. But as the paper Large Effectsfrom Small Exposures shows, this model underestimates biological effects of EDCs as much as ten-thousandfold.49 The shortcomings of testing and regulation were highlighted in comments submitted to the EPA by the Sierra Club."

- Jeffrey M. Smith, Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods (Get the book.)

"At this level, the dosage range normally associated with EDCs is considered acceptable. As mentioned in pages earlier in this section, gut bacteria may convert small amounts of NAG residues in Liberty Link crops into glufosinate ammonium inside our intestines. This may carry significant health risks for ourselves and our children. Roundup shows endocrine disruption A 2005 study on Roundup illustrated that it may disrupt endocrine functioning at low doses."

- Jeffrey M. Smith, Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods (Get the book.)

"Your doctor can track lipoprotein(a) levels to determine dosage adjustments. Most doctors, even some cardiologists, tell their patients that a high LDL-cholesterol value is bad. What most patients aren't told is that recent evidence indicates that there are actually two forms of the LDL molecule: one small and one large. Because it is easily oxidized, only the small one appears to be harmful. In fact, the larger LDL-cholesterol molecule may be just as protective against atherosclerosis as HDL-cholesterol, the so-called "good" cholesterol."
- Russell L. Blaylock, M.D., Health and Nutrition Secrets (Get the book.)

"Your doctor can track lipoprotein(a) levels to determine dosage adjustments. Methods of Lowering Homocysteine Do not smoke. Smoking dramatically increases homocysteine levels as well as increasing free-radical generation in all organs of the body. It also lowers vitamin C levels dramatically. Do not consume foods or drinks that contain caffeine. Caffeine not only increases homocysteine levels, it also increases the irritability of the heart. Folic acid (folate) 400 ug Take twice a day. This enzyme cofactor plays a major role in converting homocysteine to methionine."

- Russell L. Blaylock, M.D., Health and Nutrition Secrets (Get the book.)

"Many of the formulas given in the other chapters of this book can be used to treat children as well as adults, but you must remember to reduce the dosage accordingly. When treating children, calculate dosages using Clark's Rule, a standard formula for prescribing pediatric doses. This rule, in which the average adult is assumed to weigh 150 pounds, allows you to convert adult formulas to suit your child's weight. This means that if the suggested dosage for an adult is one cup of herb tea and your child weighs 50 pounds, you would give him or her one-third of a cup."
- Kathi Keville, Herbs for Health and Healing (Get the book.)

"Weight Rule: Divide the child's weight by 150 to determine dosage. For example, if a child weighs 75 pounds, divide 75/150 to get 0.5, or Vi the adult dosage. ¦ Cowling's Rule: Divide the age that the child will be on his or her next birthday by 24. For example, if a child is 2, divide 3 by 24 to get . 125 or Vs the adult dose. ¦ Young's Rule: Add 12 to your child's age. Then divide your child's age by that number. For example, if a child is 8, the formula would be fi/(12+8)=.4. The child would get %of an adult dosage."
- Glenn W. Geelhoed, M.D. and Jean Barilla, M.S., Natural Health Secrets From Around the World (Get the book.)

"Always start with the smallest possible dosage or serving of a supplement or probiotic, and slowly, over the course of 5 days, work your way up to the recommended dose. Again, this is important to allowing you to assess your body's reaction to the particular supplement and adjust your own personal dose appropriately. •* Make drinking plenty of clean, filtered water an important goal. Water is necessary for your body to be able to efficiently eliminate waste products from your body. •* Be prepared for some "detox" effects."
- Mike Adams, Natural Health Solutions (Get the book.)

"As far as supplements go, four to six grams of the B vitamin inositol has been shown to help relieve anxiety, but if that doesn't work for you, slowly raise the dosage until you experience some improvement. Even doses as high as 50 grams have no known toxicity. Furthermore, the herb kava kava treats both anxiety and insomnia. For daytime anxiety relief, take 250 milligrams of kava kava or 15 milligrams of kavalactone extract three times per day with meals. Then, taking 1,500 milligrams of kava kava at night before bed will help prevent insomnia."

- Mike Adams, Natural Health Solutions (Get the book.)

- Doris J. Rapp, M.D., Our Toxic World: A Wake Up Call (Get the book.)

"To figure the correct dosage for a child, divide the child's weight by 150 to give the approximate percentage of the adult dosage. For example, for a child who weighs 50 pounds, divide by 150 to get 0.33 percent—or one-third—of the adult dosage. If you are nursing your baby, you can take a cup of tea yourself, and the benefits of the herb will be passed on to your child in your milk. Do not give teas to an infant under six months old."
- Phyllis A. Balch, CNC, Prescription for Dietary Wellness: Using Foods to Heal (Get the book.)

"Coumadin, for example, is an anticoagulant that requires careful dosage adjustment and monitoring. Coumadin versus Warfarin / needed surgery for a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder. Before the operation, they found my heart was in atrial fibrillation, so the surgery was postponed until my blood could be thinned to prevent blood clots forming in the heart. I got a prescription for Coumadin and the pharmacist gave me the generic, warfarin. I took it for a month, but we couldn't get my blood in order."
- Joe Graedon, M.S. and Teresa Graedon, Ph.D., Best Choices From the People's Pharmacy (Get the book.)

"In terms of the optimum dosage for cardiovascular protection and treatment, the daily amount of fish oil should provide 450 to 1000 mg of both EPA and DHA (the minimum effective daily dose is 400 mg of EPA and 200 mg of DHA). Side Effects Supplementation with flaxseed oil can cause side effects, such as hypoma-nia, mania, or other behavioral changes, in a very small percentage of individuals (about 3%). Other more common side effects from flaxseed oil include loose stools or diarrhea."
- Abram Hoffer, PhD, MD, FRCP(C) and Dr. Jonathan Prousjy, DPHE, DSC, ND, FRSH, Naturopathic Nutrition: A Guide to Nutrient-rich Food & Nutritional Supplements for Optimum Health (Get the book.)

"Pizza and cooked ice cream both contain a high dosage of cooked starch and cooked fat, and are both particularly fattening. Cooked fats, devoid of lipase (the fat-splitting enzyme), accumulate in the body as they are difficult to metabolize and this results in weight gain (raw fats, such as 0% FATS Fatty Fruits, Nuts, Coconuts, Seeds To Lose Weight center at 50:50:0 (Chlorophyll : Sugars : Fat) avocados, can actually help one lose weight as they contain lipase - which the body can use to help metabolize stores of cooked fats)."
- David Wolfe, The Sunfood Diet Success System (Get the book.)

"What is the dosage, and how long will the treatment last? Is the prescribed dosage as low as possible? If I am taking estrogen for a surgically induced menopause, will the dosage be decreased to mimic natural menopause as I grow older? 5. If I take hormone therapy, what additional medical tests do I need, and how often does my clinician need to monitor the hormones' effects on me? If I am on hormones, how will it affect my mammograms? 6. What is the cost for follow-up care? 7. What can I do, myself, to avoid use of hormone therapy? What are my alternatives?"
- National Women's Health Network, The Truth About Hormone Replacement Therapy: How to Break fee from the Medical Myths of Menopause (Get the book.)

"This trial used the same methods as described in the panic disorder study, except that the dosage of inositol was 18 g per day for a duration of 6 weeks. The patients had a significant therapeutic response when taking inositol compared to placebo per their lower scores on the Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale. The authors of this study concluded that inositol is effective in the management of depression, panic, and OCD, disorders that respond favorably to SSRIs. Essential Fatty Acids D.O."
- Dr. Jonathan Prousky, BPHE, BSc, ND, FRSH, Anxiety: Orthomolecular Diagnosis and Treatment (Get the book.)

"What is the right 'dosage' for vitamin B6, DMG, and other nutrients useful in autism? Autism Res Rev Int I997;n(4):3. 14. Kinrys G. Hypomania associated with omega3 fatty acids. Arch Gen Psychiatry 2000;57:715-16. 15. Ipatova OM, Prozorovskaia NM, Baranova VS, et al. Biological activity of linseed oil as the source of omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid. Biomed Khim 2004;50:25-43. 16. Logan A. Neurobehavioral aspects of omega-3 fatty acids: possible mechanisms and therapeutic value in major depression. Altern Med Rev 2003;8:410-25. 17. Fux M, Benjamin J, Nemets B."

- Dr. Jonathan Prousky, BPHE, BSc, ND, FRSH, Anxiety: Orthomolecular Diagnosis and Treatment (Get the book.)

"This trial used the same methods as described in the other inositol study, except that the dosage of inositol was 18 g per day for a duration of 6 weeks. A 10 75% of patients with a history of agoraphobia for 10 or more years improved after supplementing with flaxseed (linseed) oil for 2 to 3 months. C References 1. Buist RA. Anxiety neurosis: The lactate connection. Int Clin Nutr Rev 1985;5:1-4. 2. Wick H, Schweizer K, Baumgartner R. Thiamine dependency in a patient with congenital lacticacidaemia. Agents Actions 1977;7:405-10. 3. Heseker H, Kubler W, Pudel V, et al."

- Dr. Jonathan Prousky, BPHE, BSc, ND, FRSH, Anxiety: Orthomolecular Diagnosis and Treatment (Get the book.)

"The prevention of tardive dyskinesia with high dosage vitamins of 58,000 patients. Journal Orthomolecular Medicine 1986;1:24-26. 13 Auslander LA and Jeste DV Sustained remission of schizophrenia among community-dwelling older patients. Am Journal Psychiarry 2004;161:1490-93. J4 Horrobin D, Jenkins K, Bennett S, and Vankar GK. Eicosapentaenoic acid and arachidonic acid. Collaboration and not antagonism is the key to biologic understanding. Prostaglandins. Leukot Essential Fatty Acids 2002;66:83-90. 15 Emsley R, Myburgh C, Oosthuizen P, and van Rensburg SJ."
- Dr. Abram Hoffer, MD, FRCP (C) and Dr. Harold D. Foster, PhD, Feel Better, Live Longer with Vitamin B-3 (Get the book.)

"By the time these dosage levels were reached, after a couple of months all the heart rate symptoms vanished. He can now walk with no shortness of breath. The second case of atrial fibrillation involved a physician aged 76. She had consulted Dr Hoffer for advice in treating a young patient, who subsequently recovered on vitamin B-3 and vitamin C. This physician was so impressed with this patient's recovery that she had decided to place herself on a vitamin program. This regimen included 1 g of niacin and 15 mg of folic acid twice a day."

- Dr. Abram Hoffer, MD, FRCP (C) and Dr. Harold D. Foster, PhD, Feel Better, Live Longer with Vitamin B-3 (Get the book.)

"At reduced dosage, traditional medication has been effective in silencing the debilitating aspects of the disease's 'hot/positive' symptoms - that is, his delusions and hallucinations - while the orthomolecular therapies, including the EPA, have neutralized his 'cold/negative' symptoms - that is, his ability to process thoughts along with verbalizing them, the lack of desire to socialize and interact with others, and the drive to accomplish a set goal or objective."

- Dr. Abram Hoffer, MD, FRCP (C) and Dr. Harold D. Foster, PhD, Feel Better, Live Longer with Vitamin B-3 (Get the book.)

"K, where authorities have no objections to recommending the drug for children provided the daily dosage does not exceed 6.5 mg per kg of body weight. In the U.S., any doctor who prescribes plaquenil to a child faces the risk of a lawsuit because a number of fatalities have been reported among children who have taken doses as low as 0.75 g. Not only children risk their health and possibly their lives by using this drug. Those suffering eye problems, psoriasis or liver problems, and also alcoholics and pregnant women could find their condition worsening."
- Andreas Moritz, Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation: Unleash The Natural Healing Power That Lies Dormant Within You (Get the book.)

"Use the same dosage you used for your 6-Day Oxygen Colon Cleanse. This amount can be taken indefinitely without it becoming habit forming or harmful to your body. Taking a regular maintenance dose of an oxygen-based colon cleanser helps supply your entire body with beneficial oxygen and aids in the natural cleansing of your intestinal tract. Once you have completed the cleanse, I recommend following the Colon Diet detailed in Chapter 6. After you read that chapter, you will be ready for the big task of slowly eliminating toxins from your environment. See Part 2 of this book."
- Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN, Health Begins in the Colon (Get the book.)

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