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Rockefeller Medicine Men: Medicine and Capitalism in America

E. Richard Brown (See book keywords and concepts)

Recently developed antibiotics have greatly reduced the isolation and convalescence of TB patients. Adequate maternal care can lower infant mortality rates although most of the decline has been and is still due to improvements in environmental conditions and patterns of child-bearing. In general, comprehensive primary medical care can help limit the progress of disease and help restore a sick or injured child or adult to healthy development and functioning. When distributed throughout the population, such care can contribute to improving the general health status of that population.

The complete Book of Water Healing - Using the Earth's most essential resource to cure illness, promote health, and soothe and restore body, mind, and spirit

Dian Dincin Buchman, Ph.D. (See book keywords and concepts)

Water healing techniques can strengthen resistance and thus boost immunity, shorten the infectious period, and offer needed support during convalescence after a flu attack. During the flu season wash your hands often! While the virus is airborne, it is most often transmitted via the hands near the nose. So keep your hands away from your nose and face. To prevent dehydration and boost elimination through perspiration, drink liberal amounts of water. Prevent infection by viruses and bacteria by sluicing a salt solution up each nostril—first thing in the morning and several times a day.

The Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants

Andrew Chevallier (See book keywords and concepts)

Coca leaves, chewed with lime or ashes, release small amounts of the active constituents, which act as a tonic and help block the effects of cold, exhaustion, and poor nutrition, ("oca leaves are also used in South American herbal medicine to treat nausea,' vomiting, and asthma, and have been used to speed convalescence. In Colombia the leaf is used as a heart tonic. Cocaine extracted from coca leaves is used legally in conventional medicine as a local anesthetic. It is also taken illegally as a narcotic, stimulant drug. As an isolated chemical, cocaine is extremely addictive.

The herb also stimulates immune resistance and can be taken in convalescence to aid recovery from chronic illness. As a general tonic, Siberian ginseng helps both to prevent infection and to maintain well-being. It is also used in treatments for impotence. Self-help Uses ¦ Insomnia, p. 309. ¦ Stress, p. 308. Parts Used Root 15 unearthed in autumn, dried whole, and then chopped up for use in medicinal preparations. Chopped dried root Fresh root & Key Preparations & Their Uses Cautions Do not take for more than 6 weeks at a time. Do not take during illness without professional advice.

It is used specifically in the treatment of debility and in convalescence. ¦ Gynecological remedy The herb has a slight emmenagogic action — stimulating the uterus and encouraging menstrual bleeding. In India, it is taken after childbirth as a contraceptive. Self-help Use ¦ Colds, p. 311. Citrus limon (Rutaceae) Lemon Lemon Tree A small evergreen tree growing to about 22 ft (7 m), with light green toothed leaves. Lemon is one of the most important and versatile natural medicines for home use.

The ABC Clinical Guide to Herbs

Mark Blumenthal (See book keywords and concepts)

Primary Uses Immunology • Decrease in severity, duration, or frequency of attacks of herpes simplex type II infections (Williams, 1995) • Decrease in the occurrence of influenza complications (Shadrin etai, 1986) Fatigue • Tonic for invigoration and fortification in treatment of: fatigue, debility (Bradley, 1992; Blumenthal etai, 1998), declining work capacity and concentration, convalescence (Blumenthal et al.

Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy: Modern Herbal Medicine

Simon Mills and Kerry Bone (See book keywords and concepts)

Medication It is obviously important to maintain treatment during convalescence, herbal or conventional. However, there is also a key contribution to the measures above in herbal traditions. It was accepted that rest, exercise and diet alone might not be sufficient to bring about recovery. A range of herbal remedies have been directed to facilitating the process, to drive recovery. Many of these are the tonics listed earlier.

Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition

Paul Pitchford (See book keywords and concepts)

MOCHI Widely used in Japan as a medicinal food, mochi is easy to digest and is excellent during convalescence; it is used for anemia, for strengthening weakened conditions in general, and it aids breast-feeding mothers in supplying abundant, high-quality milk. Mochi is made by pounding 'sweet' or 'glutinous' rice; it is necessary to use an unbreakable bowl (e. g., stainless steel). A large wooden pestle, traditionally called a kien, is used to pound the rice. The end of a baseball bat, a board, or a large wooden mallet work equally well.

Consumption of mushrooms can be too cleansing during convalescence. Mustard Greens Warming thermal nature; pungent flavor; influences the lungs; tonifies and moistens the intestines; clears chest congestion; improves energy circulation and dissolves stagnant or congealed blood. Reduces cold mucus (mucus that is clear or white and copious) associated with lung infections. For colds and coughs, use mustard greens in a tea. Cautions: Not for those with inflamed eye diseases, hemorrhoids, or other heat signs.

During convalescence, a daily teaspoonful of black sesame seeds cooked into a cereal tonifies deficiency and is helpful for constipation. Black sesame is not good, however, for individuals with a tendency to loose stools, in which case barley water decoction is a specific remedy (2 oz. of barley simmered 45 minutes in 1 quart of water). Cereals of rice, millet, and buckwheat are also useful for deficiency-type diarrhea. According to the Chinese classics, such highly sweet foods as dates, yams, molasses, barley malt, and rice syrup build strength.

Attaining Medical Self Sufficiency

Duncan Long (See book keywords and concepts)

Doctors will also determine whether or not family will be available to help care for the patient during convalescence. Single patients, or those who live in an apartment several flights up, or who are under similar difficulties would not be ideal for outpatient procedures. Where There are a variety of places that outpatient surgery can be done, depending on how complicated the procedure involved is. Often the place will be dictated by the doctor doing the work. However sometimes you may have a choice. Most hospitals have an outpatient center.

Colloidal Minerals and Trace Elements: How to Restore the Body's Natural Vitality

Marie-France Muller, M.D., N.D., Ph.D. (See book keywords and concepts)

Results of these investigations showed improvement when TMAZ was used in conjunction with medical treatment and during convalescence. Often its use was directly followed by a dramatic improvement in general health due to recovery of the body's immune system and natural antiradical defenses. Symptoms such as tiredness and pain decreased in intensity over a few days. Basing his suggestion on the well-known antifungal and antibiotic qualities of zeolites, Lelas proposed testing TMAZ in dermatological conditions and on postsurgical skin lesions and ulcerations.

Flu : The Story Of The Great Influenza Pandemic

Gina Kolata (See book keywords and concepts)

By the fourth or fifth day of the illness, however, bacteria would swarm into their injured lungs and they would develop pneumonia that would either kill them or lead to a long period of convalescence. The second wave of the flu arrived in the United States in Boston, appearing among a group of sailors who docked at the Commonwealth Pier in August. The sailors were simply in transit, part of the vast movement of troops in a war that transformed daily life. By then, the war effort had taken over the country. No man wanted to be left behind—the worst thing you could call a man was a slacker.

Healing Your Child: An A-Z Guide to Using Natural Remedies

Frances Darragh and Louise Darragh Law (See book keywords and concepts)

Her case of whooping cough demanded hospital care, and herbs could only be used to help her convalescence. Nature demands little, and does not always promise miracles. We respect the need for many aspects of allopathic (orthodox) medicine. However, we also see a great need for caregivers to feel more confident and less useless in both understanding and taking measures to aid the path to health with nature's healers, which are safe if used as directed. The more you use them, the better the body will respond to their action and the more confident you will become.

For each ailment, we include: • The course the illness takes and its possible cause • Symptoms to expect • What immediate action to follow • How to make use of herbs, homeopathic remedies, and cell salts • When it is vital to call for professional help • What emergency steps to take before help arrives • Side effects, aftereffects, or complications • Follow-up approaches to help convalescence. 2. If you are not sure what illness your child actually has, refer to the index. 3. If you remain at all worried or confused, seek expert advice for diagnosis.

Calc Phos: During convalescence and remaining weakness. Ferr Phos: For early signs, hot/cold fever, headache. Kali Mur: Sore throat, tired and drained feeling. Mag Phos: To help reduce aches and pains. Nat Mur: If child sneezes with watery eyes and nose. The appropriate cell salts can be alternated if desired, at half-hourly intervals, then two-hourly as symptoms become less severe. TO BUILD RESISTANCE To help strengthen the immune system and restore to full health after the disease or vaccination, see page 1 9. SEEK MEDICAL HELP • For a throat swab if pus develops on the tonsils.

HERBS Many herbs are of benefit to the liver during jaundice and convalescence. Mix any combination of the following and drink small glasses 3-4 times daily: Dandelion, Centaury, Irish Moss, Agrimony, Rosehip, Barberry, Blue Flag, Yellow Dock, Golden Seal, Mandrake, Cascara Sagrada. HOMEOPATHIC Medicines with alcohol are best avoided, so use tablets. Aconite 30c: Fever, restlessness, anxiety, pressure and constriction around liver; white stools; alternately loose stools and constipation.

Calc Phos: For convalescence period. Kali Phos: If exhaustion is extreme, with putrid sore throat— give half-hourly until improvement. SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE IMMEDIATELY. Symptoms of swollen neck glands, earache, dark-red or smoky urine, swelling around eyes or painful joints can indicate complications such as rheumatic fever, nephritis, ear infection, sinusitis, pneumonia. TO BUILD RESISTANCE To strengthen the immune system and help restore to full health after the disease, see page 19.

Herbal Medicine From the Heart of the Earth

Sharol Tilgner, N.D. (See book keywords and concepts)

It is a good addition to formulas where a stimulating and tonifying alterative is needed for convalescence or the elderly. It is used for chronic rheumatic conditions, gastric irritation with gas and burping, loss of sensitivity in injured nerves and immune system support. Prickly ash contains the alkylamide, neoherculin, which is identical to the alkylamide, echinacein, found in Echinacea angustifolia. 194 Contraindications: It is contraindicated in pregnancy due to the emmenagogue effect.400'404 Propolis Plant material collected by bees. Not an herb, but often used by herbalists.

The Natural Way to Heal: 65 Ways to Create Superior Health

Walter Last (See book keywords and concepts)

Individual protein requirements differ, and more is needed during pregnancy, in childhood, and during convalescence. With advancing age and with degenerative diseases, use any flesh food in an easily digestible form, such as broth of fish, liver, or meat. It is good to combine legumes with starches, as, for example, lentils with brown rice. However, mixing different proteins to obtain improved amino acid composition is generally not required. Preferably, have your flesh foods no more than once a day and avoid products from feedlots or that contain growth promoters.

Prescription for Dietary Wellness: Using Foods to Heal

Phyllis A. Balch, CNC (See book keywords and concepts)

Avocados Avocados are good for the nerves, fatigue, hypoglycemia, and urinary tract infections, and they aid in convalescence after surgery. They are a good source of monounsaturated fats. A single avocado contains nearly 4 grams of protein— more than any other fruit.

The Way of Herbs

Michael Tierra (See book keywords and concepts)

The germinated seeds contain alkaloids hordenine and gramine Properties: Nutrient, diuretic, demulcent Dose: Taken freely as food Used for: Colitis, swelling and tumors, jaundice Notes: Barley is used as a mucilaginous porridge during convalescence, diarrhea and bowel inflammation (colitis). In Chinese traditional medicine it is used as an antiinflammatory diuretic, for relieving gallbladder problems, reducing swelling and tumors, clearing jaundice. Dry-roasted barley can be ground and drunk as a healthful beverage substitute for coffee.

Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy: Modern Herbal Medicine

Simon Mills and Kerry Bone (See book keywords and concepts)

In large part this involves mobilizing the principles of convalescence - rest, exercises and diet (see below) - but in herbal terms the remedies involved are the 'tonics'. Tonics have been poorly defined, with different meanings in different contexts. In this text they are taken to refer to remedies with substantially supportive reputations. Some are also classified as adapto-gens, i.e.

A good convalescence is a marvellous thing. It rounds off an illness and gives it meaning; it makes the sufferer stronger for having had it. In a way no vaccination could do, it arms and strengthens the immune defences and provides real protection against recurrence, possibly forever. It is probably the only strategy that will allow real recovery from debilitating disease, fatigue syndromes, recurrent infections and states of compromised immunity. It is the therapeutic recognition that healing, like the growth of children, is almost inevitable but that it needs to be allowed to proceed.

The main benefit of the aerobic mode is that it quickly dissipates adrenaline, the enemy of convalescence which is constantly generated during the day in response to perceived stressors. Timing one's exercise for the evening will encourage better sleep that night. Diet The principle of the convalescent diet is that it should simply nourish. It should not stimulate or impose demands.

For every purification treatment successfully completed, there would be a mandatory convalescence to allow recovery, perhaps augmented by appropriate rejuvenating remedies. AN EMPIRICAL AND ALLOPATHIC TRADITION Ayurvedic texts provide considerable detail in their therapeutic recommendations. Preparation of herbal remedies, for example, is most elaborate, with a wide range of methods designed to transform the original plant material in a variety of ways to match the typology of the disturbance being treated.

The phytotherapist might suggest to the patient that the task was to go back and complete the convalescence from the original illness. The remedies available are probably uniquely appropriate to the job. NUTRITION: HELPING TO CONVERT FOODS INTO NOURISHMENT The revival in holistic and traditional healthcare rightly highlights the importance of good diet. It can also be argued that in an age of processed foods and widespread adulteration of the environment, additional foods and food supplements are sometimes essential.

Staying Healthy in a Risky Environment: The New York University Medical Center Family Guide

Arthur C. Upton, M.D. (See book keywords and concepts)

People who might be prone to health risks in hotter temperatures include those who are new to the environment, are returning from a vacation or a convalescence, have heart disease, are overweight, and are dehydrated (perhaps from drinking alcohol). Anyone working in a hot environment should heed the symptoms that indicate a heat-related disorder is present, including muscle cramps, dizziness, pallor, and cool, moist skin (see Box 21.7). Cold temperatures present a different set of problems.

The Herbal Drugstore

Linda B. White, M.D. (See book keywords and concepts)

Uses: A tonic for fatigue, convalescence, stress, mental weakness, and decreased work output. Caution: Increases the effectiveness (and side effects) of some antibiotics. German health authorities caution persons with high blood pressure not to use the herb, but no solid clinical proof supports this warning. Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora) Also called: Mad-dog skullcap, Virginia skullcap. Source: Found in the woods of eastern North America. S.

Uses: Fatigue, mental dullness, convalescence, athletic performance, aphrodisiac, tonic. Caution: Do not take this herb if you have high blood pressure, heart palpitations, insomnia, asthma, or high fever. May interact with caffeine, other stimulants, and anticoagulant drugs. With high doses or long-term use, some people experience over-stimulation or stomach upset. Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis) Also called: Yellow puccoon, orangeroot. Source: Woods from Vermont to Georgia, west to Alabama and Arkansas, and north to eastern Iowa and Minnesota. Part used: Root.

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